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The Motoring Zone Just bought a car? Need advice on a car? Want to chat about cars generally? Here is the place to do it.

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Old 22-03-2018, 08:56 PM   #1
Orbital Oracle
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I am thinking of buying an L322, anyone with experience?

I thought I’d ask on here as I appreciate we have a lot of users with experience of all sorts of things and I’m sure someone must have had some dealings with these.

I am considering buying a L322 and want to know have any members had any prior experience with them.

I understand there are a lot of faults and I hear countless horror stories. However I also hear of people referring to them as “the best car I’ve ever owned” so I thought I’d ask on here to get some down to Earth reports.

The model I am looking at is probably going to be 2002 - 2005. It will certainly be a 4.4 V8 and hopefully with LPG. The gearboxes seem to be a whole lot better than the TD6 and it doesn’t have the associated problems with injectors, turbo or the fuel system.

I have watched a lot of reviews and buyers guides online, I’m familiar with their common faults, transmission, trim wear, air suspension setup, all of which I have assessed and have the means of repairing if this was to fail.

Anyone on here who has owned or used one for a prolonged period of time, what was your thoughts? A worthwhile investment, worst thing you’ve ever bought. As with everything, searching online brings up hundreds of horror stories, like Porsche IMS failure although I realise this isn’t always the case.

Thanks for any input.
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Old 22-03-2018, 11:03 PM   #2
OCD Sufferer (Obsessive Car Detailer)
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Not had a RR yet but will one day, as with most things buy with your head and not your heart. With all things LR/RR they won’t be cheap to keep going and don’t be tempted to cut corners or it will bite you, to be fair it will probably do that anyway but by then it will have trapped you and you won’t care.

Get yourself onto a dedicated forum also it will help loads
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Old 22-03-2018, 11:58 PM   #3
OCD Sufferer (Obsessive Car Detailer)
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I had the BMW-engined 4.4 V8 2004 RR for 9 years.

It was about the best all rounder I've ever had, at a time I was emptying dead relations' houses, taking my son to sports or school with clobber etc, don't half cost!

I averaged 14.5 mpg around town, under 20 on longer trips and could get 24 on the motorway. On the autobahn, at over 100 you can empty the fuel tank (£145 to brim it) in 60 miles because it has the aerodynamics of a house brick.

Over the years, I had the gearbox replaced twice, fortunately under warranty. The spheres for the front suspension collapsed and had to be replaced. The water pump exploded and took out the alternator when I was doing 100+ mph. Servicing costs were about £1200-1500 a year. Cupholders and internal bits are a bit fragile.

If you want to keep one pristine, it will cost a lot maintain. If, OTH, you want a snotter for lugging stuff to the dump or genuinely going off road, say for shooting, just pay for the mechanical stuff.

The MOST system is apt to fail. The radio and satnav are vulnerable to water ingress. Check that the £10 shield in the rear quarter-panel was fitted or budget for a new satnav system. The system also fails below zero.

The Land Rover forums have good resources on fixing things yourself.

I'm glad I had one at the time I did but I now have a Panamera and I have to say the build quality and reliability of Porsche is light years ahead.

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Old 23-03-2018, 11:03 AM   #4
Approved Trader
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I have a 2006 L322 3.0 diesel, one of the last with that engine as its the 2007 facelift model.

Bought July 2016 and only had 54,500 on when new, I have added 20k.

No issues whatsoever apart from pothole repairs to suspension (I live out in the sticks) and a new sender fuel pump (less than £100 fitted). Service was without added extras.

I get 31mpg on a motorway run at a strict 70, on my 7 miles cross country run to work about 25. For the luxury, ride and safety, its worth it to me.

I struggled with the whole idea of buying the more powerful petrol as who needs performance in this type of vehicle ? Its simply unbecoming of a luxobarge like this. I do have 3 sports cars though. I'd advise having the diesel, suitably tweaked.
Note that the biggest firm that did the LPG no longer does them as it wears out the valve guides. And unless you're doing big miles why bother ?

I found trim to be rugged, though my car was kept in a heated garage and did 2k a year, and everything is still pristine. Seat squab will wear due to weight when getting in but easy to recolour yourself. I have seen some bad ones with scratched matt grey trim inside, careful owners have kept mine in excellent fettle.

The best car I have ever bought ? Well, see the above, but as my daily driver I think its brilliant and the family love it.

Panamera is of course 15 years newer in conception and a completely differently purposed car.
Mark Wibberley
DW Approved Trader since 2009
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Old 23-03-2018, 11:13 AM   #5
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You can get a lot of car for your money..
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Old 23-03-2018, 11:16 AM   #6
OCD Sufferer (Obsessive Car Detailer)
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Yes, Mark, so my comparison with Porsche was limited to quality😊. And is just as true of similarly aged Porsches.

Most FFRR owners have gripes about the build quality, despite loving their beasts!

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Old 23-03-2018, 11:59 AM   #7
Washmitt Meister
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I was a serial 4.4 Vogue owner and I loved them. Being lucky enough to have the facility to work on these myself is a big bonus in terms of running costs, but even then certain parts don't come cheap.

There is no doubt that reliability and build quality is patchy at best and they should still be considered as an expensive luxury car when factoring in running costs, rather than being a £6000 car.

I'm sure you know that already, as would almost everyone on here, but when buying a 12-15 year old Range Rover there will be many of them about who have been through the hands of one or two people that didn't factor this in and tried to run them on a shoestring.

On the other side though, after my last Range Rover, I decided to give a BMW X5 4.6is a try and there is no way I would go back to a Range Rover after that (well, unless there was a bargain I couldn't refuse), but I just think the 4.6is is vastly superior as long as you don't really need the two main advantages the Range Rover has over it, which are the higher towing capacity and far greater off road abilities. But for a road car with the ability to occasionally drive over some semi-rough terrain, the 4.6is is on another level.
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