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Orbital Oracle
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Originally Posted by RaceGlazer View Post
How about our Race Glaze Hybrid Blue ?

High Carnauba content of 40% for gloss, plus nano polymers for durability. I used it on my GFs silver Fiesta, shone like a star and was still there 8 months after when we sold it.

100ml £33 or 230ml £55

Post to Oz about £10 or within UK £3
I'm tempted by this. Can you tell me if VAT is deducted at the checkout for overseas shipments.
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Correct - no vat for overseas shipments.

But due to the hugely variable costs for shipping to Australia (tub of wax vs. water filter for example) we dont list a standard rate on-line for Australia. That shipping quote was bespoke for this product.

If you would like to order please PM me your address, I'll send you paypal details and the sum net of VAT.
Mark Wibberley
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Old 13-01-2018, 09:24 PM   #23
Ben Gum
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Originally Posted by M300JDG View Post
I don't particularly agree they are a fad, I think there is something in it (pardon the pun).
The way it was explained to me:
Waxes have tiny molecules that are all different shapes take a triangle and a circle for example, which cannot fit together perfectly because of thier shape. The ceramic component that is only in Fusion and Enigma is much small than these other "shapes" and fills in the gaps created a far more impermeable layer.

As far as I am aware Angelwax and Fireball are the only brands using this particular ceramic component and its the only ceramic that serves a viable purpose in a wax. I have been told to expect 8months + in Uk conditions and 12months if reguarly washed with ceramic infused shampoo. Worth the £50 for a sample pot for me!
The analogy doesn’t work. Based on this, any nano particles would do good. Why ceramics? You have already said that they are gap fillers. They are basically isolated particles suspended in a waxy matrix. They are not bonded together and thus do not inherit the bulk hardness properties that should be useful. In fact, if your analogy is what is marketed, these ceramics would potentially interfere with the refractive index and thus the gloss. In fact we know how his latter to be true - fumed silica is widely known as a mattifying additive.

Ceramic Products work because they are supplied in a simple form, in liquid. You apply them, whereupon they undergo a major chemical reaction which acts to bond the molecules together and to surface. You cannot redissolve it, probably not even in a lab and using methods that would be destructive to the paint. So, to be ceramic as you guys mean it, it needs to be supplied in an unreacted form which then reacts. The base ceramics are, as you should guess, very reactive. The slightest hint of moisture and you are dead - the ceramics will cure in the pot. They are sensitive to any number of other additives. There are multinationals which will spend months or years stabilising simple ceramic based products. The chances of getting something stable when you simply throw a ceramic base into a wax are vanishingly small.

Where that leaves us is that any ceramic waxes are either very tenuous in their way we of the term ceramic or they are actually using ceramic, but in a non reactive form. The latter is perfectly valid in calling itself ceramic but it is misleading because it is nothing like what detailers expect from a ceramic product. It would be analogous to the ptfe scenario - you can put ptfe into a product but it acts mostly as a lubricant, it is not giving performance like a non stick pan because it consists of individual bits of ptfe, not a bonded film (this is simply not possibly without lab or high temperatures). I don’t doubt that there are waxes like the latter because I have consulted on them. I would be keen on angel wax commenting because I know the chief protagonist to be expert (who has also stated my same views with regards to ptfe). I am willing to accept that I might be wrong but, without further information, I stick to my view that ceramic waxes are either not truly ceramic or are using ceramic but not in the form that detailers have come to expect.
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Yes my analogy is “what is marketed” as I clearly stated it that it was how it was explained to me...

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Originally Posted by steelghost View Post
Bilt Hamber Double Speed-Wax. No BS, very good durability, plus it's £15 for a full size tin
It really is great stuff and at the price should be one get to try along with their Cleanser polish.
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Look at obsession wax icon, an extremely easy to use wax with excellent durability and all round nice finish

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