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T-Cut King (admin)
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An Interview with Valet Pro

Car Wax Exterior Cleaners

Can you start by telling us a little about yourselves

How did Valet PRO start? My back ground came from running a mobile valeting business. This experience has help me shape the product range and has given me far more insight into what a chemical should be able to do to make the job easier. I spend a lot of time with chemists educating them about valeting and what I would want from a product. Which has lead to some exceptionally good product that are very unique. Like Citrus tar and glue remover, Protectant, Citrus bling, PH neutral snow foam, artemis wax seal, blue gel wheel cleaner and Bilberry safe wheel cleaner. All dealing with everyday problem but solving them in vary different ways.

How long have you been selling Valet PRO products? It took about 2 years to setup and we have been trading for about 5 years now. I am pleased to say that Valet PRO is now in a very strong position and is showing good growth in the market place. What more we have a growing product range that keeps getting better and better. In fact we have 5 new products being released next month.

Tell me about your first Valet PRO product that you sold? Our first range was quite a weak offering. They were nice and cheap designed to win business on price. I soon discovered this was not the right direction for Valet PRO. As soon as we won business we lost it again on price. However we then started to tweak our product range a found that with the right quality of products we won business and kept it regardless. Price became less of an issue. We now aim to create a range of products designed on quality without them being price sensitive. We are not expensive by retail standards but we are one of the more expensive trade range. We however have proved that expensive trade products can work out to be very cost effective and quite often better value than the cheaper alternatives from both the overall cost of chemical and time saving elements that seems to be a the core of the Valet PRO products range.

What do you do when you’re not selling detailing products? Valet/detail cars, walk the dog, spend time with the family. We have just brought ourselves a VW camper van so plan to spend our weekends travelling. At hart I’m a bit of a hippy and could quite happily buy a large wood and live in a yurt. One of my dreams that I will probably never do. Maybe I should do a bucket list. I also like watching movies. My current favourite actor is simon pegg. Mainly for his role in star trek. His a comic genius.

What do you drive and how often is it detailed? I have a Toyota van, VW camper van and a Volvo S40. And I’m completely crap at getting round to cleaning them. One of my wife bug bears. I do how ever clean family and friends cars for fun. It more lack of time with my own cars.

What is your favourite car and why? I love the Aston martin cars. To me there just classy. Although I think the Jaguars are much better value and look almost as good. There are lots of cars I would like to own though.

1. Hot rod
2. Aston martin Vanquish
3. TVR Sagaris
4. Jaguar XJ
5. Dirt buggy

What got you into Detailing ? I’ve always been a valeter. But since Valet PRO I have learned a lot more about paint correction. When I first corrected a red car my chemical supply company sold me a £40 rotary which had two speeds and a large tin of G3 and two polishing heads that fell apart. I have learned a lot since then. Sadly this is how some people still work. And I still think that joe public and worst valeters/detailer undervalue there services all the time. This is not an easy business but there is good business to be had for those that can sell themselves well.

How did you learn to machine polish? Self taught and lots of chats with like minded people.

Whats you favorite car to detail ?Jap cars because there easy. In truth I’m more draw to colours. Black certain blues, red car are great to do as the finish seems to be much more powerful on these colours.

Do you prefer to detail a supercar or everyday car? Don’t mind.

What piece of detailing kit do you think every detailer should have in their arsenal? (excluding the obvious stuff like wash mitts, etc.) Valet PRO’s Citrus bling (adds great gloss to the paint work prior to waxing) and protectant (just simply great on tyres plastic bumpers and interior plastics). A flex or a machine like it and a rotary with a start speed of 400rpm.

What are your current favourite brands and why? Valet PRO for obvious reasons. I also like britemax no. 4. Collinite but I think that our artemis is better so now souly use artemis. Menzerna and 3m.

Ferrari or Lambo? Lambo

Wax or Sealant? Both have there purpose and can work well together. I would always finish with a wax as I prefer the finish.

Fish and chips or bangers and mash? Both

McDonald's or Burger King? Neither

Coffee or Tea? Both.

Where are you based ? Office - Tunbridge wells Kent

Whats your favorite product ? Citrus bling
Why ? Because there are so many things it can be used for. Protecting and adding shine to wheels paint work. Clay lube, glass cleaning Cleaning and protecting door shut, and quick detailer. Also it dam good value for money.

How much testing goes into making a product or choosing one to sell? Lots, its starts as a concept and then we consult our chemist to make various options. It can take 10 versions prior to getting the right one. With the artemis we got through 20 samples. Testing on cars can be a little difficult as cars need to be uncared for to see the results.

Can we expect anything new from you ? Oh yes. We have 5 new products being released next month.

1. Carnuaba emulsion car shampoo
2. A paint preparation
3. 3 month wax sealant paste soft this will be dam good value too.
4. Leather cleaner and protectant in one easy to use and effective.
5. House wax this will quite possibly be the best liquid wax we have produced for trade and personal use. I have high hopes for this product.
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Good Interview

Ooh more new products to look forward too

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T-Cut King (admin)
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Great insight
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freon warrior
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Very interesting read. Recently bought a load of gear, for the van, from them.
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Orbital Oracle
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Nice insight
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Well done Greg!
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Auto Finesse
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Ah nice, i have not seen a new interveiw for a while (might just be me only hitting the new posts button now the sits so big)

A good read, maybe a few cheap shots in there tho lol
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Interesting read, more of these please. Always good to hear from the traders on here. Gives them more of a "human" element.

Might be worth interviewing some of the more experienced detailers also and get an insight into their daily routine and what they like/dislike about their job
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Great stuff Greg, well done. A very interesting read.

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Auto Detox
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Good insight to Valetpro Greg great read, best of luck with the new products

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