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Old 20-01-2014, 10:53 AM   #1
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Soft 99 Fusso Coat - what a wax !

So,just like many of You, I have also get caught in this "japanese wax" hype

After some research and reading opinions, I decided to try Fusso Coat,due to it's estimated longevity and "coating like" characteristics. I opted for Dark version, out of two available version.

For the record, car was washed, detarred, clayed. About half of it was polished with finishing polish, other half had only panelwipe wipedown. I couldn't do whole car as I should be done, due to certain health issues I know have. But it's not actually a bad thing, it will get us idea how durability is connected with preparation involved.

Let's start with packaging :

Very simple and understandable description

I must say, I like look of it. There is something catchy in this japanese, radiant writing

Originally, wax comes with plastic top on the tin, where supplied applicator is hidden. Well, let's just say quality of this applicator isn't very good, and I would be rather using it to apply tire dressing, than wax on my paintwork

Also, on thing that made me curious, is piece that says it has minor scratch resistance. Will have to check it in future.

Tin itself is quite big, just like ones from Collinite or Finishkare. Applicator easily fits inside, making transfering wax to applicator very easy :

Size - 200g Now two words about number of applications per tin.

This is measurement before and after applying two layers on whole car, except both bumpers and lower parts of doors under trim :

It gives us roughly 1,5g per layer, on a car that only half of it was properly prepped for wax, and applied in rush. If I've done everything properly, than 1g per layer is easily achievable, on compact car like mine.

That gives us 200 application per tin. Do maths Yourself, but cost of one application is very,very low

So how is it ?

The wax itself is light green, not too hard actually. Maybe it's just mine tin, but wax felt kinda soft, when pushed with applicator. That's why it is so economical, You don't need to swipe applicator on wax, You just need to touch it, and there is enough wax for entire panel.

Smell - truth is , it smell awful Even FK1000p smells less disturbing then this one. However, it only strikes at first, just after opening the tin. While I was doing the car, I get used to it.

Application - like I said, it is very economical, a little goes a very long way. It spread beautifully, allowing to lay very thin layer :

Removal - again , easy one here. But it's a bit unusual for paste sealant, as it actually stays oily all the time, even after 20+ minutes. Not a bad thing, it's just different to let's say , Collinite. I've used quality MF to remove it, with no effort at all.

So how does it look ?

Very good, how else does it supposed to look on dark car with paint in good condition ? Seriously though, I'm not fan of describing different kind of looks, like "wet look" or "mirror reflection" or whatever. In blind test they will all look the same anyway, so who cares

Swirl masking - now that's a bit unusual in wax review, isn't it ?

I had quite a lot holograms from removing snow and claying, here is what Fusso can do with it :

Not bad for product that isn't AIO , right ? Of course it wont handle deeper scratches, but it's not purpose of this product. However, it can dramatically increase appearance of swirled car, that wasn't machine before.

Wet application - what ? Well, just for curiosity, I decided to try apply it on entirely wet surface. I've seen that Naviwax can be applied this way, so decided to give it a try :

Again, not a thing that Your usual wax can do, is it ? And remember, this thing is pure synthetic, so in theory it should be prone to exposing to wet before fully cured. Not in this case

Water behaviour

Let the videos and pictures speak for themselves :

It doesn't get any better in water behaviour department than this


What can I say, I am very pleased of this product, as one can tell judging from the results it gives. Of course, I'm yet to see it's durability or chemical resistance, but I'm sure they will be very good.

All in all, very good product, that has this "high engeneering" feel in, You know that it is not simple homebrew, but truly sophisticated product. Waxes like this, that has very reasonable price and do damn good what they are supposed to do, made me abandon highly priced, boutique waxes.

That's all , I hope You managed to get through this a bit long review
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Nice review mate, looks very good
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Great in depth review, I look forward to seeing how durable it is. Looks promising so far.
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Where can you buy this and what price?

How can you compare sheeting against other waxes like (Finis-wax, Naviwax) or BSD qd?

Last edited by sm81; 20-01-2014 at 11:45 AM.
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Very good review hopefully if the weather is okay at the weekend I'll get some of the Light applied to my car.

Want some of the Dark as well when Jackie restocks
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Old 20-01-2014, 11:59 AM   #6
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Originally Posted by sm81 View Post
Where can you buy this and what price?

How can you compare sheeting against other waxes like (Finis-wax, Naviwax) or BSD qd?

As I'm very curious about this company and their products, I want to buy Fusso, looks like beading and sheeting is perfect for me

By the way, nice review, thanks for sharing
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Old 20-01-2014, 01:54 PM   #7
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Great review as always, with you on the dodgy applicator and smell both leave a little to be desired
Thus far im really impressed with the two soft99 waxes i have, and it's good to see someone else got caught up in the hype!
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Thanks for the review. As always, nice and thorough, I'm sure we all appreciate the effort.

I really need another car to have a go with this wax now, I'm excited!
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Interesting results with regards to the swirl masking. That is really incredible for a wax to perform so well and be so cheap!
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Well written, informative review
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