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Detailingworld™ Review - Kenotek Brilliant Wash

Detailingworld™ Review - Kenotek Brilliant Wash


Big thanks to Mark at morethanpolish for sending in a big bottle of Kenotek Brilliant Wash for review.

Following on from my Kenotek Tyre & Plastic Gloss review which I enjoyed, I was interested to see how thsi product fared

More info can be found on their website at

The Product

The product is supplied in a 1l bottle, the same shape and size as all the other kenotek products, which makes them easily recognisable.

Its a medium consistency liquid with an absolutely amazing scent, grapefruit is right on the money and its good enough to drink

The Manufacturer says:
A high quality and great value car and vehicle shampoo concentrate.
You only need 2 cap fulls in a bucket of water, so this 1 litre bottle will make around 1000 litre of wash solution - around 25 washes.

Kenotek Brilliant Wash has gloss enhancers for a great shine and is also self drying, which saves time on your weekly wash.
It has a refreshing grapefruit aroma and is soft and safe on hands and all paintwork types, modern or classic.

I was interested in the self drying aspect of the product, and digging through some older forum posts, the manufacturer clarified it as:

Self-drying means that the product has a wax-effect (breaking of the water) after applying and rinsing the product.
Drying is necessary when working with hard water.

The Method

As some of you may know, I'm very keen maintaining accurate dilution ratios for products, so was very pleased to see a quoted dilution of 1000:1
As I wash with a thirsty dooka, I use 20l in the wash bucket, so in goes 20ml

Agitating with the PW, some suds were created, but there wasn't an awful lot

This is one of the strangest shampoos I've ever used as there was hardly any suds transfer to the car, and a very thin film seemed to be left behind on the paint (i'm guessing this is the wax additive).

It was still extremely slick under the dooka however, and I'm not overly fussed on the amount of suds any shampoo creates, providing they clean well

You can almost see the water clinging to the car, its very strange

Rinsing off, it was very clear that a wax was left behind, as it beaded slightly differently than what I'm used to with my current LSP, (not that the beading was bad, especially for a shampoo based product)

One thing that struck me was just how dirty my rinse bucket was, I don't remember seeing it this dirty in a while, and the car wasn't even that bad to start with, amazing cleaning power!

A litre of this shampoo costs Ł9.99, which is very good value considering the dilution ratio of 1000:1

Would I use it again?
Yes i think I would. This product definitely has a place for use on unprotected cars or cars with existing LSP that's dropping off and a quick boost

As much as I normally try and stay away from Gloss enhancing shampoos, I did enjoy this product. On unprotected cars, or when the weather is against you and you need a quick top-up, adding protection during the wash cycle is a great time efficient way of doing it

I think the level of slickness will be there no matter what car its used on, which is something I notice when washing unprotected cars, and the cleaning power is just nuts

The fact that all of the above is achieved with a great price is the icing on the cake. This may not replace your everyday 'pure' shampoo, but it certainly has a niche

"Detailingworld™ reviewer has followed the Manufacturers Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test "
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