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Detailingworld™ Review - Dooka Wash Shampoo

Detailingworld™ Review - Dooka Wash Shampoo

1st of all I would like to say a big thank you to Rob Dooka for my little Birthday present and apologies for it taking so long to get something written up.

This is the 1st review in a series of products that have recently been released by the Wash Pad man himself.

Obviously I think alot of you will of heard of the rather excellent Dooka Pads, have a look at the review here: and for more information on the Dooka brand have a look here:

So shampoos..... basically there are a lot of good ones on the market and some not so good but we are really spoilt these days with the choice.

What makes a good shampoo?, well cleaning power obviously is really important, lubricity on the paintwork means you are minimising the amount of marring imparted during the wash process, a nice scent is always good to work with and value for money all go together to make a decent product. So lets see what Dooka brings to the shampoo table.

The Product:

The product arrived in a really good quality 500ml extruded PET bottle with a bit of an awkward child safe cap which takes a bit of getting used to, the smart looking 360deg wrapped label contains all the pertinent information and I must say looks really cool.

The actual shampoo is a bright green in colour, not too thick in consistency and smells like apple sours which is really pleasant.

Dooka say:

17 months in the making, dooka WASH Automotive Shampoo has been formulated to be a Ph - Neutral, Free rinsing, wax and sealant safe, pure shampoo aimed towards regularly maintained vehicles. Containing no gloss enhancers, waxes or sealants, the high foaming ultra slick formula minimises the risks of inflicting wash marring and fine scratches during the washing stage.

Cool so thats what you are looking for from a shampoo

The Method:

This week I was giving the old X Trail a bit of a clean up, not looking too bad but obviously with the recent variable weather and Oxfordshire country roads it was looking a bit grubby.

The Car was given a cheeky prewash and snow foam treatment to remove the worst of the muck.

Whilst the snow foam was dwelling the wash buckets were prepped, 15ltrs of warm water was added to the wash bucket and the same amount added to the rinse bucket although the rinse bucket contained cold water so as not to make a mistake with the wash/rinse order.

The instructions on the label say to add 2 to 3 capfuls to the bucket so as the water round here is hard enough to roller skate on I went for 30ml guessing that the cap contained 10ml approx.

This was then added to the wash bucket and agitated by hand then a quick burst with the Pressure washer just to make a few more suds. The smell was really pleasant and hung around in the air, even the neighbour walked past and commented on how nice it smelt.

Obviously the weapon of choice today had to be the Dooka Oosha pad which has to be one of the best wash pads around, this was dropped into the suddsy wash bucket to soak up a load of the wash solution before starting on the car.

Initial impressions were really good, the pad was moving across each panel with an absolute minimum of resistance, some times there is a case for saying that there is too much lubrication in a shampoo and you loose the feeling on the panel but I have got to say the Dooka shampoo is just right.

The car wash was completed and it was really nice to note that alot of the suds remained on the panel, now I know its not an essential to have but it enables you to see where you have been and if you have missed a bit, it also look pretty pimp too

The car was then rinsed and I was really pleased to see that the shampoo rinsed off really well almost like it had some kind of rinse aid in it which obviously makes drying quicker and easier (the less physical contact with the paint the better).

The car was then dried and finished in the normal way and was looking alot better.


£10.95 for 500ml and is available from here:

Value wise a 500ml bottle would yield 16-17 washes or 64p per wash which for me sits Dooka shampoo firmly in the middle of the market price range.

Would i use it again?:

Yes I would and Yes I have


Dooka Wash shampoo is a really capable shampoo, it smells great has a perfect amount of lubricity, suds up well and is not too expensive. Its real party trick is the way it rinses and having 2 black cars in the house hold you can imagine how much of a boon that is.

If you are in the market for a new shampoo Dooka Wash ticks alot of boxes and is well worthy of trying, couple this with a Dooka wash pad and you have a winning combination.

"DW has followed the Manufacturers Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test "

Thanks for reading
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Looks great. Need to try some Dooka stuff myself.
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Great review Pittsy. Same thoughts as Luke, one to try in the future.
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I haven't used this since last year (when i did my review on it), but from memory it was a really good shampoo, so i might have to crack it out again

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