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Detailingworld™ Review – Bouncer's Bead Juice

Detailingworld™ Review – Bouncer's Bead Juice
Thanks to Jay for sending this out for review

I myself have heard about Bouncers for a long time now, and they have been part of DW for a number of years. As a big fan of their D&D QD and having seen Bead Juice come to market with alot of very promising results I was keen to try it for myself and see what this product was all about

Bouncer's website is where all their products are listed for sale direct, and a nice bit of blurb on the history of the company and the various products they have released over the years

The Product

The product was supplied in a 500ml clear PET bottle with a nice high quality trigger. I've used these type of triggers before and they have a nice action to them with a good spray pattern.

Branding wise I think bouncer's labels are on point, very clear, bright and instantly recognisable as one of 'theirs'

The product itself is a thin, cloudy white colour (not unlike lemon squash) but with no scent at all, other than a mild PVA glue undertone

The Manufacturer says:
New from Bouncer's is Bead Juice. A Nano Tech Exterior Protection Sealant that can be applied either wet or dry. - Bead Juice is perfectly safe to use on any other coating or existing wax layers. - Can also be used on all exterior inc glass/plastics/alloys etc. Keep your car protected and looking cleaner for longer.

Dry method.
As you would a Quick Detailer, very light mist onto a panel, spread well with soft buffing cloth, turn over cloth and buff again if necessary. Done.

Wet Method.
After your usual wash method i.e rinse after shampoo, spray the product onto the wet panel and rinse off straightaway. - The product is very active, so you can 'level' out the product as well by spreading with a soft MF or sponge applicator, then rinse off - Dry car normally.

Either way, you are looking at 3-4++ months strong protection. Providing strong beading and sheeting, Bead Juice is certainly a product to have, its so easy to use, its almost 'cheating'

The Method
Reading the blurb on the website, as well as the instructions there was a very clear warning about overuse of the product and the potential issues that could be faced

Bead Juice is an Active spray sealant. On wet application it is imperative to fully rinse and remove product fully via pressure washer and not to allow to linger or allow to dry on paintwork. Use sparingly as over application and or product not fully removed can result in the product leaving a residue behind. - Test on a small area first. If the paint does show areas of residue, this can be removed using a micro polish on affected areas.

Speaking to Jay he mentioned that initially when Bead Juice was launched there were a few people misusing the product i.e spraying on, leaving to dry etc and started to blame the product - hence all the warnings now on the label

When using these water based active sealants there are generally three methods that can be used
  1. Spray on a wet car, rinse off and then dry
  2. Spray on a dry car and then buff off
  3. Spray onto an MF, wipe and then buff off with a 2nd

As quick and easy spraying onto a wet car is, I tend to shy away from this method, due to me wanting to keep my various LSPs (paint, wheels, glass & trim) separate
Mindful of the risk of smearing and wanting to minimise the risk of any excess residue I decided to try the latter method as I find this ensures a very even layer of product is applied to the paint, and completely stops any excess runoff

As it turns out my concerns were completely unfounded and largely unnecessary
Now I'll apologise in advance as after looking at the pics post using bead juice, I've realised that having a white car may not be the best for showing LSP in action as you can barely see anything

But here goes

Couple of spritzes onto a 470 gsm korean towel and then transferred onto the panel

What was left behind was a smattering of residue which after another pass with a fresh cloth was completely removed

Realising how poor these pictures were at showing what was going on, i had a go with the only suitable part of the car, the headlight. You can see in the lower centre part the residue of the spray

And then after a final buff..... nothing

So I then proceeded to go around the whole car, applying and buffing as I went, with absolutely no drama whatsoever. This product added a noticeable amount of slickness to the paint, but not anything in the way of gloss that I could see (but there are no claims that this product does that at all). There were also no issues in removal or it feeling grabby under the cloth

What this product does claim to do is to add a very hydrophobic layer, so I was extremely to check out the beading and boy does it not disappoint!

I'll just leave these here and let the pics do the talking

Bouncer’s Bead Juice is available at
As of writing, the prices for the various sizes on offer are as follows
500ml - £11.99
1 litre - £18.99
5 litres - £44.99

For a spray sealant of this nature, I'd say these prices are pretty competitive and in line generally with the market

Would I use it again?
Definitely, as a quick easy method to add protection especially in winter, this product is ideal

This product was a bit unusual in use I have to admit.
Usually in use there is some feedback from a product as you use it, and that experience can be quite tactile, or you can see results happening before your eyes (adding gloss, depth, etc etc.)

With this it was almost like I wasn't doing anything to the car, other than give it a final wipe down, that's how easy it is to use. Using the MF apply and removal method, there were no high spots, smearing or excess, nor was there any grabbiness or issues with removal at all

If it sounds like I'm being negative, I'm not, it was just a very clinical, clean, effortless method of application.

The end result of all the above were however nothing short of exceptional. The water behaviour was stunning and the tight uniform beads are awesome, rivalling some of the top tier waxes I use when I want superb water behaviour

The fact that this kind of behaviour can be achieved with such an effortless application method is superb, and something that really sells for me, as other sealant type spray products can yield some issues on application
If the 3-4 month durability claims are true then this is the perfect product for winter use, but you need not be limited to just that. As this doesn't seem to add anything other than just protection, it could arguably be used over any LSP simply to boost water repellancy

Thanks Bouncers, this product is absolutely brilliant!
I had a little play with some arty shots on the bottle after use, and I think they look pretty good

"Detailingworld™ reviewer has followed the Manufacturers Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test "
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