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Detailingworld™ Review – Sam's Signature Paste Wax and Wax

Review by dchappmann

Detailingworld Review – Sam's Signature Paste Wax and Wax Applicator


Firstly thanks to the guys and gals over at Sam's for sending over the Wax and also the Applicator.

Sam's are new on the DW scene with a varying range of their own branded products with a unique style of branding they certainly stand out.

They can be found at: for the full range of goodies.

The Product

Firstly I want to comment on how great they both looked when they arrived. It's been a long while since any product has made me actually say "WOW" when I opened the packaging, but these certainly did. A real effort has been made to follow the distinctive look all the way through. Simple yet very effective.


Sam's say about their Signature Wax:

" Our easy to use signature wax is extremely rich in premium T1 grade Brazilian Carnauba, delivering superior levels of depth and gloss on your paintwork aswell as protection against those harsh elements."

Sam's say about their Wax Applicator:

" Our premium applicator that can be used with any sealants, glazes or waxes ."

The Method

So first things first, the car I was trying this out on was an Audi A5 in black, so perfect for a wax test.

The car was given a standard (for us guys) wash all over for prep. A Prewash, Snow Foam and 2 BM wash with a pressure wash in-between stages. For the sake of this review I focused only on the bonnet. It was then chemically decontaminated and then clay barred. A Pre Wax Cleanser was then applied to give the wax the best possible base I could give it. This was the surface I was left with.

So on opening the tin I was presented with a grey-ish looking wax, with no overpowering scent. It was very solid to the touch but when applied to the applicator it felt a lot softer and very oily.

The Applicator was really solidly made, felt really well made and sturdy. Feels like it will wax a heck of a lot of cars before it starts to show any signs of wear. A quality product and potentially one of the best applicators I've put my hands on.
Wax on the applicator

The Sam's guys say on their website to apply the wax with this method:

Using Sam’s Wax Applicator, apply the wax in gentle straight lines over the paintwork. Do not over apply the wax, not only is it wasted product but when curing it won’t create a uniform haze over the entire panel.

3. Allow the wax film to haze over for approximately 10-15 minutes depending on the temperature and humidity levels. To be certain do the “finger swipe” test.

So I followed this to the letter and applied the wax in straight lines down the bonnet. When spreading onto the panel it was very slick and oily. A little went a very long way and was a real doddle to apply. Was very hard to picture in the minimal sun light I had.

After waxing the whole bonnet I left it for 10 mins to cure and returned for a finger swipe.

It swiped away lovely, but in hindsight I wish I had left it for 15 as certain parts were slightly grabby. (although they weren't difficult to remove)

This was what I was left with as a final result

I then decided to try and capture some beading shot, but to be honest I did struggle. The wax left the surface so slick that when I applied any water it just sheeted straight off.

I was really, really impressed with the sheeting abilities of the finish. Really blew me away. Did manage to get a few nice bead shots in the end though.




The website shows the prices at:

£60.00 for the Signature Paste Wax


£5.00 for the Wax Applicator (They also do a mini version of the same applicator for £3.50) *


Would I use it again?


Ohhhhhhh Yes. There was a definite increase in gloss and clarity of finish. The ease of application and removal makes this a real winner. *




In conclusion I really like it a lot. It gets a 9/10 for me. The only one thing which let it down for me is the lack of information regarding layering. Not a deal breaker but I like to layer my wax coats, maybe it's best for protection or maybe it's just something I like to do, but I know a lot of members on here like to apply two coats of wax and I am the same. There is no info on if you can or should, or waiting times etc. I personally would really like to know and feel it could be stated on their site.

Other than that minor little gripe in my opinion it's amazing. *


"Detailingworld reviewer has followed the Manufacturers Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test "

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