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An Interview with Rubbishboys

Dodo Juice - Black Wow - Original Edition - Juiced Edition - Mark V

Can you start by telling us a little about yourselves?

My name is Ben Boulton, I'm 35 and married to Karen and We have two children, Josh (9) and Reece (7). We live in Devon, right on the edge of Dartmoor.

Now as you can see I'm not a boy or have much to do with rubbish, so a little tip, when you are thinking of stupid names to give yourself as a forum username, don't. Instead think very hard of a sensible one as you never know what might happen!

How did you ‘get into’ selling detailing products?

Well it was kind of by accident, I started playing around with waxes (This thread started it all). Dom from Dodo Juice gave lots of pointers and also tried a couple of the later brews and thought it would be good enough to sell and base a Dodo Juice recipe on. So from that we ended up with my homemade version (Original Edition) and the Dodo Juice tweaked version (Juiced Edition). Obviously I needed a way to sell these so that's how the web shop came to be.

How long have you been selling detailing products?

Since September 2007, but if you can count Turtlewax as detailing products, then since June 1994 as I used to run a car accessory shop many years ago.

Tell me about your first product that you sold?

The first RB product sold was to Detailng World's very own mystery wax collector (it's okay Epoch you secret is safe with me ). He bought jar number 1 of Rubbish Boy's Original Edition, not only that he was the first customer to buy something from the web shop.

What do you do when you’re not selling detailing products?

I also like to experiment with ingredients and play with waxes and recipes and I have a couple of new RB products in development. I also enjoy hunting for and trying out new products for the web shop.

Rubbish Boy's is only a part time business really, the rest of my time I spend looking after servers and networks, building intranet applications, databases, ecommerce web-sites things like that. And no I won't fix your computer!!

What do you drive and how often is it detailed?

I have a Trophy Yellow 2001 MG ZS 180 and a Black Magic 2006 SEAT Ibiza 1.4 Sport. They both make appearances on the web site. They get detailed when time and wheather allow, but the Ibiza hasn't been washed for about 2 months now!!!!

What is your favourite car and why?

Oh my, I have so many. I love the special edition Imprezas. If I had to pick one favourite, it would be one specific car, L555 BAT just because of who drove it and what they did in it.

How did you ‘get into’ detailing?

I guess I have been into it for 10 to 12 years, but I just didn't know that I was. I have always enjoyed washing and polishing my cars, and used to spend a lot longer cleaning my car than friends and neighbours did, although I didn't use detailing products or know some of the techniques involved. About 2 1/2 to 3 years ago I imported an Impreza from Japan and it's paintwork was in quite bad shape, covered in contamination and fallout. So I went looking for some better products to help me out. I was just looking for trade valeting products really, but discovered Polished Bliss through Scoobynet and then found myself on Detailing World learning about the correct techniques and the products to use.

How long have you been detailing at ‘this’ level?

I don't consider I'm at any level really, I'm learning all the time.

How did you learn to machine polish?

Reading Dave KG's (the old one) and Brazo's guides, trial and error and lots of practice.

How many cars have you detailed over the years?

Not many, 10 or 11 maybe, but some of those cars I have detailed a lot of times!

Tell me about your first detail:

I bought some gear from Polished Bliss and set about the wifes old car, a 94 Mondeo Si.

I gave it a wash and had my first go with clay, I soon wrecked the clay bar with 12 years worth of crud. At the time I was amazed and couldn't believe what was being brought off by the clay.

Next an attempt at swirl removal by hand using SSR2. It lasted about 30 minutes and I gave up, the swirls weren't going and I was getting knackered. The rest of car didn't get as much polishing, just one hit with Pro Polish to get it nice and shiny.

Next a coat of EX-P followed by a coat of Nattys White. It took me all weekend and I was done in by the end. Arches were still dirty and the tyres were brown, but it still looked good and I was very proud of that first detail, never even thought to take pictures and show it off though.

What is your favourite car to detail and why?

Any car! Honestly I really don't mind what it is, but I like to see that there has been a transformation. Like when the car is really minging and even a quick wash brings it back.

Do you prefer to detail a supercar or everyday car?

I'd love to detail a supercar, but as of yet I've only worked on (fairly) everyday cars.

What piece of detailing kit do you think every detailer should have in their arsenal? (excluding the obvious stuff like wash mitts, etc.)

A machine polisher, doesn't matter whether PC, UDM, Megs, Silverline, Makita, whatever but you have to have one.

What are your current favourite brands and why?

Well apart from my own, I'm loving the work of Dodo (Supernatural ) and Mark V (Mystique ) at the moment.

What do you do when you’re not detailing?

Well I detail as a hobby, so I will answer with other things I do in my spare time. So spending time with the family, playing a bit of Wii, reading DW and other quality forums.

Ferrari or Lambo?

Can I have one of each please!

Wax or Sealant?

Wax!! Although I'm quite partial to a sealant sometimes.

Fish and chips or bangers and mash?

Fish and chips

McDonald's or Burger King?

Burger King

Coffee or Tea?

Definitely coffee, none of this instant stuff though, got to be the real thing, espresso goes down very well.
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Interesting read Ben

Pot #1 is due another outing shortly, i'm sure DW will see the results
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Another great and interesting insight

Thanks for that
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great read ben
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An interesting read Ben.
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I enjoyed this one - great read Ben and a great insight into how you came about making a wax. Great stuff and I do like the idea of a "cottage-made" wax rather than the "commercial waxes". Nice to have the option of both and I will be getting a pot of Original shortly to see how it compares with others.
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Dave KG
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Another very good read!
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Thanks for the comments guys.
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Great stuff.
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Auto Detox
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Ben great read & thanks for sharing

Damn makes me want to try some more new wax now ..

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