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  1. who's mike
  2. Mike Phillips
  3. Mike Tell us more
  4. The power in the after shots is created in the before shots
  5. "Taking your car's paint to it's maximum potential"
  6. How to correctly fold and use a Microfiber Towel
  7. Increase Your Grip Strength with Microfiber Gloves
  8. 1960 Ford Ranchero - Extreme Makeover - M105/M205 Tag Team
  9. How detailing clay works and how to use detailing clay your car's paint
  10. The Baggie Test - How to inspect for above surface bonded contaminants
  11. The 2 primary benefits of using detailing clay to clay paint
  12. Do I need to wash my car after I use detailing clay to clay the paint?
  13. Kissing the Finish by Mike Phillips
  14. An EMW, not a BMW
  15. New Teaser Video - Autogeek's What's in the Garage TV Show!
  16. Autogeek's How-To Features on My Classic Car with Dennis Gage
  17. Wheel arch detail
  18. 3- Types of Water Spots - Type I, Type II and Type III
  19. Best Use Of Megs PlastX
  20. How to Mix IPA for Inspecting Correction Results
  21. Miscible and Immiscible - Wax and Paint Sealant Bonding
  22. How to clean your foam pad on the fly
  23. Why it's important to clean your pads often...
  24. The Mother of all Black Paint Panels
  25. Sorry for the absense... just finished the 6th Annual DetailFest
  26. Bringing Forum Buddies to the TV World!
  27. 3-Categories: Waxes, Paint Sealants and Coatings
  28. re- car wax
  29. machine polishing question
  30. Episode 1 - What's in the Garage? - Pictures from the TV Show
  31. 1956 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible - Remover Swirls
  32. The 10 @ 10 technique for picking up a bead of product with a rotary buffer
  33. Tips for working in warm/hot weather or direct sunlight
  34. machine polishing soft paint
  35. Episode 3 - What's in the Garage? - Bristol Tennessee
  36. Megs swirlx vs megs 205
  37. The Aggressiveness Order of SMAT Products - This might surprise you!
  38. TOGW = The Other Guy's Wax
  39. "Polishing paint is polishing paint, detailing is getting the wax out of the cracks"
  40. Tape it off and avoid a lifetime of ugly...
  41. The Soft Flannel Bed Sheet Tip
  42. The Beach Towel Tip
  43. How to Test for Single Stage or Clear Coat Paint
  44. Watch it now! - Flex Power Tools - DetailFest Live Broadcast!
  45. Episode 2 - Who likes Mustangs? - Jack Miller's Mustang Barn!
  46. Pad Lubrication
  47. D150 <--> d151
  48. Best prep for M16?
  49. How to prime a foam pad when using a DA Polisher
  50. Episode 5 - Stuart, Florida
  51. Two Guys Garage - Episode 218
  52. Megs tech wax
  53. Backing plates
  54. Flexible Backing Plates for Rotary Buffers
  55. Washing Cars Inside of Your Garage
  56. Dry Sand Paper
  57. Breaking pads
  58. Micro Restore
  59. Bird Bombs and waxing
  60. Need 1 Person Overseas for Experiment this Saturday and Sunday
  61. Flex 3401 Question
  62. My Classic Car with Dennis Gage and Mike Phillips - Episode 14
  63. Cleaning on the fly.
  64. megs g220
  65. IPA / FI wipe down after Meguiars M09?
  66. not sure concerned
  67. Jewelling - Definition
  68. DA Polisher Trouble Shooting Guide
  69. BumbleBee
  70. Wetsanding Class at Autogeek - 1971 GTO - The Black Orange
  71. Word Definitions - Compounds, Polishes, Glazes, Paint Cleaners and Waxes
  72. How to clay, clean and wax paint working only by hand
  73. First detailing e-book finished
  74. Polishing by hand
  75. LSP Ready - Definition
  76. Video Shoot with Matt Steele at Autogeek’s Show Car Garage TV Studio
  77. The difference between a swirl and squirrel
  78. Brand Yourself, Brand your Forum Nickname and Brand your Business Name
  79. How to choose a name for your detailing business
  80. A few tips on starting a part-time detailing business
  81. 1966 Corvette Stingray - Machine Polish & Machine Wax
  82. Autogeek's Car of the Week - 1986 Buick Regal T-Type Turbo
  83. How to remove tiny pinhole pits in glass windows using a rotary buffer
  84. How-To capture swirls, scratches, etchings and other surface defects with your camera
  85. Tips for working in warm/hot weather or direct sunlight
  86. How to clean your foam pad on the fly
  87. Gold Coast Corvette Club - First Annual Car Show
  88. New Floor in our TV Studio!
  89. Household paint
  90. Autogeek's Car of the Week - 2011 Camaro - Modeled by Amy
  91. 1977 CanAm Corvette Extreme Makeover - Thursday, September 22nd
  92. Metal Flake pop?
  93. Autogeek's Car of the Week - 1994 Porsche 964 Turbo 3.6- Thursday, September 15th
  94. How Does Opti-Coat II Make Paint Look? - Oooh pretty colors...
  95. Mike and Nick's Flex Adventure! - Coming to Germany!
  96. Germany Flex Plant Tour Pictures
  97. Secret meeting with the Flex Engineers!
  98. Nick's Best Pictures from our visit to Flex in Stuttgart, Germany
  99. My favorite pictures from our visit to Flex Tools in Germany...
  100. Suby, Bob, Me and Nick in Stuttgart, Germany
  101. Hands-On Training Class at Flex Power Tools in Stuttgart, Germany
  102. What backing plates for MF pads????
  103. Oktoberfest with Flex Tools in Germany!
  104. E-book ready to download!
  105. Borrani Wires
  106. 1970 1/2 Camaro - Show Car Finish by Pinnacle - Modeled by Amy
  107. The Final Wipe – Tips for creating a streak-free, show car finish
  108. How to break open a coating of wax and remove it by creeping out...
  109. Even show cars might need to be clayed...
  110. NEW Optimum Microfiber Polishing Pads - Used with DA Polishers
  111. 1954 Ford F-100 - Extreme Makeover - Process and products used
  112. Agressive pad or polish?
  113. The Graphic Equalizer Analogy to Polishing Paint
  114. 1972 Corvette - Extreme Makeover - October 27th
  115. PJ from Dodo Juice at Autogeek's Show Car Garage tomorrow night!
  116. 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air - Remove Swirls - Modeled by Kristin
  117. A shout out to Dom and PJ at Dodo Juice - Thank you!
  118. How-To capture swirls, scratches, etchings and other surface defects with your camera
  119. Hologram Free with a Rotary Buffer
  120. Mad Scientists in the Autogeek Laboratory!
  121. 4" and 6" adapersystem for Flex XC3401VRG
  122. 2011 Camaro - Show Car Finish by Dodo Juice - Modeled by Amy
  123. Hand applying Dodo Juice Orange Crush Soft Wax with PJ from Dodo Juice!
  124. 1939 Lincoln Zephyr - Swirls Removed - Modeled by Nicole
  125. 1959 Chevrolet El Camino - Extreme Makeover - Modeled by Tina
  126. How to cover and protect a convertible top before machine buffing
  127. Audi TT Anti Scratch Clear Coat-Hope you answer soon
  128. Confirmed Cars for First Week of TV Shoot
  129. How do I care for a new black mercedes?
  130. Show cars: single stage or clear coat?
  131. Mike Phillips Missing Thread
  132. New Layout for the Studio...
  133. New Dodo Juice Video with PJ from Dodo Juice
  134. 1963 Plymouth Fury Burnout at Autogeek!
  135. 1936 Packard with an old school Hemi Engine on Autogeek's "What's in the Garage"
  136. 1956 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible on Autogeek's "What's in the Garage"
  137. 1989 K5 Blazer on Autogeek's "What's in Autogeek's Garage"
  138. Watch the new Autogeek Episode on My Classic Car #1
  139. 1934 Ford Hotrod on Autogeek's "What's in the Garage"
  140. Tips for working in warm/hot weather or direct sunlight
  141. What temperature ranges are best for applying compounds, polishes, waxes and paint se
  142. the art of detailing book
  143. Ho wto apply paste wax on 5.5" pads?
  144. 1947 Chevy at Autogeek's Show Car Garage!
  145. Best of Show Win! - 1970 1/2 Camaro
  146. Live Feed Broadcast of Autogeek's Detail Fest this weekend!
  147. 5.5" or 7" pad for DA?
  148. Ceramic laqure.
  149. Ceramiclear Paints - Be Careful
  150. Is new polished clearcoat more sensitive?
  151. 1st Episode - What's in Autogeek's Garage - Season 2
  152. Jet Black and Carbon Black
  153. Im in vegas
  154. Video: How to use the Cyclo Model 5-Pro Polisher to remove swirls
  155. Video: How to remove shallow RIDS and how to machine apply sealants & waxes
  156. Video: How to buff tight areas plus concave and convex curved panels by machine
  157. On YouTube: Episode 2 - What's in Autogeek's Garage - Season 2
  158. Brand new Volvo
  159. Live Broadcast Tonight - Extreme Makeover - 1965 Plymouth Valiant
  160. ***Live Broadcast*** Thursday, May 10th - 1986 Porsche 928 & 1947 Hotrod Chevy Truck
  161. How to use Meguiar's Unigrit Sanding Blocks to remove runs and dirt nibs in paint
  162. How to clean and protect convertible canvas and cloth tops
  163. Mike's Glass Cleaning Tips
  164. Video: All about the FLEX-3401 Forced Rotation Dual Action Polisher
  165. New Toy - #5000 Grit Trizact Foam Finishing Discs
  166. How To Do a Test Spot
  167. Headlight Sander - Takes the work out of sanding headlights...
  168. The Rule of Thumb
  169. Learn to detail by watching others... LIVE!
  170. The lowly plastic bag tip
  171. Live Video Broadcast - June 7th - Machine Polishing for a Show Car Finish
  172. Black Car Paint Temperature in Full Sun
  173. Temperature of bird droppings in full sun
  174. Live Video Broadcast - 1970 Mach 1 Mustang - Thursday June 21st
  175. how to make a white car look its best
  176. getting started
  177. Live Broadcast - 1948 Cadillac Convertible Detailing Clinic
  178. Fight or Flight Method for Gaging Surface Temperature
  179. 1968 Firebird Detailing Class at AutogeekOnline.net
  180. Live Broadcast - Thursday, July 26th - 2012 Scion tC 7.0
  181. Live Broadcast: 2012 Fiat 500 - Chemical Guys Show Car Makeover!
  182. Video: How to clean your pad on the fly
  183. Live Broadcast - Gtechniq EXO on Candy Apple 1965 Mustang Fastback
  184. Video Review: 4 Rotary Buffers
  185. Gtechniq EXO Application Instructions with Trista at Autogeek
  186. Live Broadcast Tonight - Black 2012 Camaro Convertible!
  187. Video: Lake Country Ultra Microfiber Pads & Gtechniq EXO
  188. Live Broadcast Meguiar's M105 & M205 on a 2006 Mustang GT
  189. Test of Hex-logic pad on D.A
  190. Wet sand with 5000 then DA
  191. Live Broadcast - 1957 Chevy with Single Stage Paint
  192. How to wetsand and buff for a show car finish - Live Broadcast
  193. 1969 AMX Wetsanding Videos - Nebraska Help in the Heartland Project
  194. How to use a one-step cleaner/wax to maximize profits
  195. How to buff off an edge when using a rotary buffer
  196. Wetsanding a car from start to finish - Time Lapse Video
  197. Brake Fluid stains in single stage paint?
  198. How to remove a dent - PDR How-To Video
  199. 1951 Mercury - Black Lacquer Paint - Extreme Makeover
  200. Christmas Detail - Ferrari P4 - Move over Rudolf
  201. Petroleum Distillates or Solvents
  202. 1965 Mustang GT Fastback - Wetsanding - Live Broadcast
  203. Happy Birthday to Mike
  204. Resin on the coat
  205. Ok to leave wetsanded surface days/weeks?
  206. Bouncers Vanilla Ice Hand Poured Car Wax
  207. Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wax & SONAX PF
  208. Double Trouble Detailing Projects - 1947 Buick & 1955 Chevy
  209. DA/RO vs Orbital
  210. Surgical Buffing
  211. Chasing Mikes guru status! :P
  212. Questions about Meguiar's M105, M101 and M100 Compounds? Watch this video!
  213. What is happening on this paint?
  214. Don't wash car !!!!!!!!!!!
  215. Bouncers Capture the Rapture Monster Truck Detail
  216. Autogeek releases another crazed detailer onto the public!
  217. Flex XC 3401 VRG - pads and issues
  218. Corrected, now for that 'wow' factor!
  219. How to clean an engine compartment
  220. Single step knock down on a lightly swirled car.
  221. Video: How to use Meguiar's D114 & D115 Rinse Free Express Wash
  222. Review & How To: Auto Finesse Rejuvenate & Passion Luxury Car Wax
  223. Here's what Dieback or Shrinkback looks like in fresh paint
  224. $4.00 Plastic Drop Cloth could have prevented this!
  225. How to remove overspray paint using the Cyclo Polisher
  226. How to remove Orange Peel using a Porter Cable Dual Action Polisher
  227. Here's why you need to polish paint...
  228. For Use with Rotary Buffer Only - Read the Directions
  229. How to use the FLEX 3401 Dual Action Polisher
  230. Going to SEMA? If so stop by and say hi!
  231. Art Of Detailing or Guide To Show Car Shine?
  232. DIY strike through repair
  233. Live Broadcast - New Rupes Polishers & Black Label Diamond Paint Coating
  234. Black Label PC on Fearless - John Mayer's 1935 Ford Cabriolet at SEMA in the Absorber
  235. 2014 Detail Fest - LIVE BROADCAST!
  236. Should I machine polish a new car?
  237. Teaser shots taking inside the Rupes Manufacturing Plant in Milan, Italy
  238. panel wipe
  239. Guido Valentini the Presidente of Rupes
  240. Rupes Bigfoot Orbital Polishers Virtual Museum Tour - Milan, Italy
  241. Top Secret Pictures – How Rupes Bigfoot Polishers are made!
  242. 1998 Isuzu Rodeo Extreme Makeover! - Single Stage Paint
  243. How to wetsand, cut and buff a gel-coat boat
  244. 1966 Blown Nova - Extreme Makeover - Lots of Pictures
  245. Mind Blowing - Rupes Blue Foam Cutting Pad and Zephir Gloss Coarse Gel Compound
  246. How do I prime a Rupes Foam Pad on a Rupes Polisher?
  247. How to choose a one-step cleaner/wax
  248. Are they all the same?
  249. Show car LSP for Audi R8?
  250. Rupes or Scholls