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  30. Farécla G3 Bodywork Detox 500ml-Review
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  81. Introducing the New G3 Premium Range
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  83. G3 Scratch re.mover
  84. G3 Scratch re.mover
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  124. Is G3 Body Prep Shampoo the same as G3 Detox Shampoo ?
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  127. G3 Clay mitt review
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  129. Auto Express Top Spot for G3 Pro's Scratch Remover!
  130. G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt Review
  131. Clay Mitt Review
  132. Farecla G3 Clay Mitt Review - Pics and Videos - Amazing!
  133. Farecla G3 clay mitt review
  134. My Good Ol' G3 Clay Mitt Review
  135. G3 Pro Sponsors Jack Goff in his Second BTCC Season
  136. G3 Mitt to the rescue.
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  138. Professional bodyshop detailer
  139. G3 Professional Bodyshop Detailer - A review
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  141. Bodyshop detailer review
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  143. Detox / BodyPrep Shampoo dilution rate ?
  144. Hopefully a winning combo - Farecla mitt and Bodyshop Detailer
  145. My thoughts on the G3 Clay Mitt :)
  146. The 2014 Product Award goes to…G3 Scratch Remover!
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  161. G3 Colour Restorer
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  163. Farecla G3 Professional colour restorer review By Pittsy.
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  165. G3 Colour Restore Review By Jonnybbad
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  167. G3 Clay mitt/washing machine
  168. Dilution Body Prep Shampoo
  169. Colour Restorer by DA?
  170. Issues with G3 Scratch Remover, has left dull patches. What did I do wrong?
  171. G3 Mitt and Matt paint query.
  172. Clay mitt care
  173. g3 pro supergloss paste wax
  174. G3 Colour Restorer removed marring and light scratches
  175. Scratch Remover or scratch remover paste?
  176. Scratch remover - brilliant!
  177. Scratch Remover via DA??
  178. G3 super paste wax
  179. Order of application of colour restorer,paint renovator,scratch remover
  180. Swirl removal by hand, Scratch remover or renovator
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