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20-06-2015, 05:50 AM
My Mazda 3 hadn't been washed yet, and with all the recent rain, was pretty filthy.
I gave it a quick 2 bucket wash, and then thought what next. I had received my Gyeon coatings, but wasn't going to do it in this weather. I think it needs a good dry week to seal properly.

Anyway, the windows also have a special treatment, so I thought I'd do them.
Wasn't sure what to get here, so did quick check and though I'd try the Gyeon glass kit.

It comes in a nice dogfood type packet. I guess it's fresh.

Inside is quite a bit of kit.
Two sponges, a bunch of super soft cloths, instructions, and 2x 20ml bottles.

The instructions are simple, wash car, clean windows, use cleaner, wipe it off, use sealer, let it dry and wipe it off, leave for 4+ hours.

The first step is a good polish and clean. Simply put a few lines on the sponge, and rub it on. This felt like any car polish, seemed pretty gentle, and really runny. I guess as my car is new it didn't need much of a clean, but still worthwhile I guess.

It dried really quickly and left a very powdery residue, so it said to use a slightly damn cloth to wipe it off. A few drops of water was all that was needed. Be careful of trim and rubbers, cus it dries white, becomes very visible.

Then it was time for the sealer. This smelt just like RainX, so a bit of alcohol in there. The instructions were very specific to use all 20ml on just the windscreen and front 2 windows, I used a lot and got it really wet and still a bit left, so did the rear window too, but not as soaked.
It goes on fine, since it was almost difficult to use all 20ml on the front, it sort of dried a bit and then i went and put more on, layering it up.

Give it 5-10min and then it's time to rub off. It came off pretty well, initially, but the final rub to get the glass pristine again took a fair bit of effort. I used one micro towel, and it felt pretty clogged quickly, so a second fresh one would be a good idea for the final clean.

20-06-2015, 05:51 AM
It's now been about a month and it repels water the same as the day after I put it on.
At night on the freeway I don't bother with wipers.

20-06-2015, 09:16 AM
Sounds good but a shame about the whitening on the rubbers etc

20-06-2015, 09:08 PM
Just bought this kit, looking forward to using it