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06-10-2015, 04:48 PM
Hello Gyeon,

Im having trouble with applying View on my windscreen. I have tried it twice now and have had very little success, to the point that I appears to have 0 water resistance on my 2nd application. Ive used other windscreen sealants and had great success even to they are only sort term version.

Ive clayed and D/A polished the windscreen, I then applied cleanse which seems to be pretty grabby and difficult to remove, I then applied half a bottle of Repel per application to the windscreen. I left the car undercover with about 12hrs cure time before use in the wet.

I seem to get no water run off until about 70-80mph where other products start at around 30, am I doing something fundamentally wrong?

06-10-2015, 05:23 PM
Use the Cleanse on a microfiber cutting disc on a DA or rotary.
Don't try to wipe it off but wash it off with a cloth soaked in water.
it's real easy this way, buffing is not the solution.

The water must not sheet off when rinsing. It must stick to the window. If not you need to keep using Cleanse untill it does. Some coatings are really difficult to remove by hand. The microfiber disc is really effective. Rotary used is best because it has more effect along the edges than a DA stroke.

Make sure you give the windscreen a second coat or even a 3rd.
Alot of stonechips will reduce the coating effect.