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Ben_W 03-09-2018 11:35 PM

2002 Citroen Xsara VTS - another old French bird!!
So, here we go!

To quote something musical which I've not done for a while, Ice Cube had it right. Today was a good day (ask your dad kids :D )

With the buggy sold and the bank swelled with funds, I did the right thing and pacified the wife by buying a new dining table and promising her a posh holiday next year, on the proviso I could buy myself a new, cheap(ish) toy. Agreement was forthcoming.

I considered several cars. A white Rallye (they are the hottest ticket in Rallye world with another selling in the last two weeks for 5k but I have a Rallye already), a Clio F1 (very nice but not the cheapest) and several other more recent hot hatches. Nothing really, really took my fancy. I then bought the Xsara to break and wondered.........what if? The Citroen half of the late 90's hot hatch pairing.....wouldn't look bad on the drive, would it?

So I began looking. And looking. And looking a bit more. Crap, these are a bit thin on the ground. I found more Rallyes for sale than I did Xsaras. Hmmmmm............and advert appears on Gumtree and nowhere else, advertising a 2002 MY, 51 plate Xsara VTS, with 57k on the clock and two previous owners, in silver. 57k.......!!!!!!! How many 16 year old sports hatches have that mileage. This is the ad........

It HAD to be worth a look at that mileage and that history. Original P6000's (ditchfinders? But period correct!) Older lady owner for a long time? Deffo not been thrashed then. Decent MOT history backing up the sellers story. Trouble was, I wasn't free until Sunday. At this point, I made the mistake of sharing the link and my plans with someone. That, along with a lesson well learned, is all I'm going to say publicly.

Details being what they are, I noticed the seller had reduced the price to 300 on Sunday night. Much frantic phonecalling, which resulted in me getting a voice mail message numerous times finally paid off with the seller picking up at 21:37 on a Sunday night.

I apologised profusely for the time of my call. It had to be right then otherwise I'd have lost it. I told the seller I knew what had transpired the day before (I apologise again for the cryptic sh!t but like the walls, the internet has ears) and had a lengthy discussion with him regarding the car, offering some advice after asking some questions. The 300 was a result of what he had been told (I'll share privately for those of you I know who ask). An agreement was made that he'd get some advice by lunchtime Monday and I'd go view Monday night after work as it's 50 miles from work. I remember thinking at this point this now turning into some Lincolndanny esque press car kinda chase :D

Mid afternoon, I text the seller as I've heard nothing. He replies, confirming some info I had been after, and crucially, what someone else had offered him and that he was considering accepting. Act cool Trig, act cool.......

I left work dead on time and hightailed it to where he was. I arrived at 17:40 and immediately knew I was onto something. This was my view parking up.

Seller met me at the door and was very keen to show me the car. It was as he said. Completely original, very, very clean (some stone chips etc but very clean) and, completely bog standard.

Having satisfied myself the major component was good, I got busy looking round, especially underneath.

Just wow. This thing is clean. I mean really clean.

Doesn't look like it's ever seen a jack, let alone one in the wrong place. The spare even seems to have an original Michelin.....

The rest of it, whilst a little dirty in places, is honest, rust free and just in need of a clean.

A time capsule car. Went for a drive, it drove well enough. Went back, looked through a mountain of history which again, matched the MOT history. I knew at this point I had to have it. Asked what it would take to buy it. Seller said make it an offer. 850 prompted a forthcoming handshake. Deposit immediately transferred (mobile app internet banking, bloody ace!)

In truth, I think I stole it. I've picked up what has to be one of the cleanest, low mileage Xsara VTS's left. Plans are to collect Friday, giving me a whole weekend to really get into/under it. I cannot wait.

Sorry to disappoint Mr Lincoln....I did have a chance at a Ph1 in that green/yellow but had been sat 18 months and the seller wanted 1k.....

Craighightower 03-09-2018 11:42 PM

Looking forward to seeing what you do with this. Another lincolndanny refurb would be great

The Cueball 03-09-2018 11:42 PM

ice cube ya plonker.... :lol:

good looking little cheese eating surrender monkey mobile though...


Ben_W 03-09-2018 11:46 PM

The only real things for me to look at sorting are a small crease in the passenger side door and some rough paint on the roof. Nothing else that bothers me on this one. The Aircon apparently needs a regas although I'm sceptical.....will see if it holds a vacuum first....

percymon 03-09-2018 11:47 PM

Now that looks a bit of a find !

Hopefully no horrors lie beneath. A real sleeper in silver too ;)

Ben_W 03-09-2018 11:47 PM


Originally Posted by The Cueball (Post 5495215)
ice cube ya plonker.... :lol:

good looking little cheese eating surrender monkey mobile though...


That's what I meant.....long day, several ciders etc :lol:

Ben_W 03-09-2018 11:49 PM


Originally Posted by Craighightower (Post 5495214)
Looking forward to seeing what you do with this. Another lincolndanny refurb would be great

Thanks bud. I think it just needs a bloody good clean. Will start there and see where we go!

Carlos Fandango 04-09-2018 12:00 AM

I think you have bought a cracker there. Those cars are vastly underrated. People are put off by their looks and the fact they are French but believe me they are very well put together. I have owned a basic Xsara for 8 years which was bought for only 1200. I have covered nearly 90k in that time and it has never let me down. I wish Citroen still made them now as their build quality is much better than on a C4.

lincolndanny 04-09-2018 12:06 AM

Finally a thread about one of these:thumb:

Don't forget to take a picture/note down the first owners details off the v5 before it gets sent off mate. :thumb:

Starbuck88 04-09-2018 12:07 AM

I used to work for Citroen and at the time we had DS3s and new C3s as courtesy cars but we a couple of old Xsaras in reserve. I'd never driven one before, I sold a DS3 and needed the chaps PX in straight away as we had a trader who wanted it straight away for strong money, so to get the guy the right deal, we gave him the Xsara whilst he waited for his DS3 to be built, I was very surprised how comfy and smooth they felt to drive. I would be very happy using one on a daily basis.

So I'm sure yours is an absolute cracker!

That situation with someone you spoke with, that'd really boil my ****, no honour these days, I'm happy you got it in the end, you deserved it more.

Advert not bad either

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