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Kelly @ KDS 27-01-2013 04:16 PM

KDS Detailing full repaint and wet sand detail on toyota supra turbo
Hi everyone,

Welcome to the next instalment from KDS Detailing.

This time we are show casing a slight variation on the Detailing theme so placed it in the related enhancement section all thou it could be said its more than just an enhancement.

The car in question is a Toyota supra turbo (uk car) .

A preview of the car finished in natural light.

So the car belongs to a very good customer of KDS , it could be said one of the best customers as he brings every car in his collection to KDS for ALL the services we offer.

The car was initially booked in for an oil change and vehicle inspection ( ), with a simple picture text message sent to me by owner of his new purchase to add to the growing collection and asking to book it in.

So on drop off the owner showed me the things new had noticed in the first few weeks of ownership, and asked for best way forward ,
we had the discussion thatís itís a UK car with good history and very near standard too and would like to bring the car up to a standard that the history deserves.

Here are a few photos of the car on drop off, which I sent to the owner the same day.

The arrows are to indicate different colours , the Xís are defects either dents , rust , colour, match.

Blistering paint

Wheel acid damage of wheels


The new owner told me it was raining heavily when he bought the car of course making it very difficult to spot the defects.

So after sending the above photos and a summary of the condition with an idea of what I thought was the best way forward.

So below so what we carried out on the car over a 7 week period.

We went for a balance between complete restoration and normal body shop re-sprays which will give the best results for a budget.

Soon to be released on the KDS website will be a new paint price menu packages which will be in the painting section with examples and script of the different levels of re-sprays.

In keeping with the KDS paint correction packages these will be labelled bronze/silver/gold/platinum.

More on that in the future..

Here are some of the prep / priming / base coat and lacquer.

We had an issue with the bonnet scoop that would not come off, the fixings on the underside of the bonnet where going round and round without undoing, so we tried to lift the plastic scoop up gently while turning the bolts, which did not work it was then we noticed that the bonnet scoop had been glue down with panel glue/sealant.

So it was decided to leave in place as it was sealed down so well in the past (of course firstly checked with owner before carrying on).


Base colour coat

Lacquer top coat.

We asked the owner to pop in to have a look at the progress of his car.
The owner had seen the finished results of the ENZO we had painted below,

Being a guy that loves perfect paint we spoke about how the finish on the ENZO was done at KDS as he started talking about the same on is Toyota supra.

We ended up with again a middle of the road balance as itís to be used daily.

The process was to DRY sand down the top coat (lacquer) (which was to heavy coats of high solid lacquer), to remove the orange peel in readiness for more top coat (lacquer).

After the DRY sanding process (kept on spray oven for cleanliness) we took the advantage of measuring the paint depth so when we applied another 2 coats of clear coat lacquer we could gauge exactly the amount of film build.

Dry sanded, blown down and degreased.

Taking measurements before next layers of lacquer.

We took the readings around the door handle, the areas that are small enough to keep the measuring to constant location.

Car cleaned with water base and solvent base degreasers once again.

Car then got another 2 coats of HS lacquer.

This gave us this finish straight from the gun.

So this car has had a total of 4 coats of top coat lacquer (high solid lacquer)applied over 2 separate visits with outgassing and baking in between each visit.

If you were to try to apply the 4 coats in one visit you will end up with trapped solvent in the top surface (lacquer) which can turn into solvent bubbles (solvent pop/ solvent blisters).

Another benefit from lacquering over sanded lacquer, is the colour base coat is porous (so lacquer can key to colour coat) the first layer of top coat will sink (key) into the colour coat, where as a sanded (flat) keyed surface (lacquer) the lacquer flows much better to give better gun finish without the danger over application (runs / sags).

It is possible with some high solid lacquers to do a one double visit, so speeding up the painting process and oven time, and introducing fewer contaminations to the paint surface.

We found the average film depth of 2 coats of lacquer was 70 microns on the area around the door handle, this would have been on top of the first visit 2 coats, remembering that the dry sanding will take off 10-15 microns depending on areas to be sanded.

This slightly more paint (lacquer) than when wet sanding for machine correcting back.

Sanding for addition of more paint material is carried with different grades of sand paper compared to wet sanding to machine polish back.

We ended up with a total of 90 microns of lacquer on the Toyota supra , with a lightly wet sanded finish to give a better than factory finish (not fully flat) with massive healthy paint depth for day to day usage that can be corrected many times .

Here are a few pics of the final wet sanding

To complement the paintwork we set about giving the rest of the car a makeover

Machine polishing the lights.

Leather seat got some loving too.

And after

The car had a mini disk radio which we replaced to current radio with interconnectivity to mobile phone.

The Ariel mast was also replaced for new Toyota item.

The aftermarket air filter was removed and a brand new complete air box fitted.

This got rid of all the induction noise as requested by owner.

We also tidied up the brakes a touch.

The intercooler fins where shot and in hot climates struggle to keep the induction temperatures down, so it was time to replace.

KDS and the owner tried to find a good second hand one , which turn out to be impossible even thou I am sure the amount of these cars that are modified meant there must be loads sitting around garages and workshops.
The owner bought an aftermarket one in the end for KDS to fit.

And finally to the finished photos .

The wheels where refurbished too as seen in finished photos below.

We took photos with sun gun in same areas as the before photos .

A few photos under natural light.

Outside in sun light

And indoors under lighting.

was very nearly going to call this thread the world longest most expensive ol change, but decided that's some quotes are just not needed when the work speaks for itself.

Many thanks for spending time reading and viewing the photos.

Any questions please ask.

Regards Kelly Harris

Serkie 27-01-2013 04:26 PM

I wanted one of these so badly back in the day.

Super work and attention to detail. Love it!

-Kev- 27-01-2013 04:27 PM

awesome as per Kelly - makes a nice change to see one of these in near-standard form :)

Norman 27-01-2013 04:27 PM

Wonderful. If only all bodyshops could do a job to that standard

stangalang 27-01-2013 04:29 PM

Great work on one of my all time fave cars

Cheers Kelly :thumb:

philmuskin 27-01-2013 04:35 PM

Super attention to detail. Really informative and well written.........Thank you for sharing :0)

Over The Rainbow 27-01-2013 04:38 PM


Deeper Detail 27-01-2013 04:40 PM

A great insight to the process and it's really funny that the job came from an oil change :D

Great work Kelly (and crew).

How are you finding the VRG?

bigslippy 27-01-2013 04:41 PM

What a fabulous transformation and great write up ,car looks absolutely gorgeous:argie:, thanks for sharing

Scrim-1- 27-01-2013 04:41 PM

Fantastic work as always Kelly.

Looks spot on.

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