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Akyle97 06-02-2019 10:01 AM

Wax for black car
Hi guys, new to the detailing world forum

I'm looking for a wax for my car, which has black pearl paint.

Ideally I'm after a wax that is somewhat durable (around 2 months or so), gives good gloss level and doesn't contain fillers or minimal fillers.

I'll likely have to buy from the UK as the selection of good waxes we have here in New Zealand is minimal, so if you could include a couple places to purchase would be hugely appreciated.

I have given some threads a read and some waxes I'm leaning towards include:

Wax Planet Oblivion
Obsession Luminous
Bouncer's 22
Dodo Juice Purple Haze (leaning more towards this one)
Victoria Concours (Heard this contains fillers?)

I don't want to spend huge amounts, probably max would be $100 NZD delivered which is around 50 GBP

Any recommendations would be much appreciated

Thank you very much

iCraig 06-02-2019 11:05 AM

Any wax will be fine, hardly any are colour specific.

You’ll get lots of suggestions from here such as DSW and AG UHD Wax, both of those are good as are the ones in your list.

Razormck 06-02-2019 11:14 AM

I would count out Luminous on the fact that it'll be lucky to last 2-3 weeks not the 2-3 months your looking for. I cannot give any advice on the other waxes as i have no experience of using them

I recently tried black ice from the Blackfire range and was really impressed. Great gloss and loads of depth. As that is out your price range you could opt for the Blackfire paste wax which should fall in your budget.

As your leaning toward purple haze why not try a panel pot before commuting to a full pot to see if it what your looking for

weedougall78 06-02-2019 11:30 AM

DetailedOnline have a great range of products that are getting really good reviews on here. I've used one of their sealants and that was cracking stuff! Their prices are very good too but I don't know about shipping costs.

I used Mitchell & King Fortitude on my metallic black Q3 and that looked awesome and lasted for ages, their international shipping rates seem pretty reasonable as well. Their stuff isn't cheap but I think they still have 33% off on some of the waxes so might be worth a look.

Good luck dude.

DavieB 06-02-2019 12:55 PM

Mitchell and king do 'Mason' which is specific for black, I'm sure if you have a chat with John he'll be able to recommend something.

Welshquattro1 06-02-2019 01:16 PM

I would have a chat with Dan at ODK waxes as he would be able to sort you out with one of his great waxes. I recommend Revere or his newly launched Envious wax :thumb:

CharliesTTS 06-02-2019 01:42 PM

I’ve just purchased Vonixx special black edition from in2detailing..haven’t had the chance to use it yet though..maybe worth consideration?

I also have Eclipse Crystal Gloss from Alien magic..not used that yet either!

chongo 06-02-2019 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by CharliesTTS (Post 5536052)
Iíve just purchased Vonixx special black edition from in2detailing..havenít had the chance to use it yet though..maybe worth consideration?

I also have Eclipse Crystal Gloss from Alien magic..not used that yet either!

Vonixx black wax is very good :thumb:

Received a sample a couple of months ago and used it on a couple of panels on my black c63 and it certainly brought out the metallic :thumb:

Or try their Blend carnauba silica paste wax which I have had on my car as well for a couple of months. Very good gloss levels and the protection is outstanding :thumb: still sheeting and beading so should be a good wax for your climate.

RaceGlazer 06-02-2019 03:23 PM

Our Australian website doesn't currently stock our waxes, but could do if you wanted to buy them. Other useful products are available from it and in stock in Brisbane, so shipping would be low cost for NZ. Check it out:

Steampunk 06-02-2019 04:29 PM

What caught my eye was that the paint in question is a pearl finish, and you said that you were leaning towards Dodo-Juice.

I would take a serious look at Dodo-Juice Rubbish Boy's Juiced Edition:

This fits neatly into your price range, and is a bit of a hidden gem in their line; particularly when it comes to metallic and pearl finishes... It's one of the top two waxes for making the flake/pearl stand out that I've tried; nice to work with (Medium texture. Kind of a perfect balance.), and smells delicious (Pineapple). A little more durable than the Core-8 line (3-4 months vs. 2-3 in my application.), too... It's a little glossier than the non-'Pro' Core-8's, and has a slight darkening effect (Even though it isn't a colour-charged wax...), which does look quite nice on black or other medium-dark colours with the right prep. Criminally underrated wax.

Dodo-Juice themselves are a great source for shipping this wax internationally; their international shipping deal really is pretty good.

Hopefully this helps. :thumb:

- Steampunk

P.S. I don't know what kind of prep you're using, but I am assuming machine polishing since you don't require any filling. If so - and you are also in the market for a finishing polish - I would look at pairing this with Scholl S30+ or Menzerna SF3500 if you can get your hands on some... Both of these tend to bring out the flake a little better than even the finer jeweling polishes from those companies. S30+ has a little darker, crisper look. SF3500 is a little brighter, and shows off the curves a bit better when you jewel it out... A wax like RBJE will help to show off the effect of either of these polishes nicely.

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