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nick.s 06-01-2013 08:36 PM

Write Up - The Chasm (wax)
I have not received any Aston Martin DB5's, cash supplements, stocks & shares or anything else in return for this review :)
This is independent of my Review Team reviewing, yet is still impartial and my honest opinion.

The blurb
The Chasm

Gaze into the depth of unparalleled gloss that only The Chasm can give. Apply with foam applicator, in small tight circles. Leave to cure for approx 10mins then buff away to see just how deep The Chasm makes your paint!

How to use
This is a hard paste wax, yet nice and oily for easy spreading, so, with that in mind:

1) Lightly dampen applicator pad (very light)
2) Light swipe in the pot
3) Apply in small tight circles to the paintwork to ensure even coverage
4) Leave to cure for approx 10 minutes (in ambient temps of approx 12 degrees).
5) Buff gently to a deep glossy lustre with a plush microfibre

In todays overcast cool weather, I safely covered the entire car with no issues at point of removal.

Good or bad?
I like it. A lot. The pot size is great, meaning I can get my larger applicators in with no hassle. When you think about the name, you would expect a damp, musty smell. This is not the case. Mark advised it smells of whisky. I could smell that for sure, but it took me a while to figure out what else I could smell. Imagine the whisky, soaked into a rich fruit cake. DELICIOUS! There was a faint waft of the scent as you apply the wax, which goes on really easily due to its oily nature. As mentioned earlier, I was able to cover the entire car (Corsa) in a layer of wax, and remove without issue. A big plus point here. Ease of use is a key element in my decision to purchase a product, and this doesn't let me down.

The pot is priced at 50 for 175g (rounded up to 29p per gram), which given the performance and ease of use, is good value for money. I liken it in performance to a well known high end wax that retails for almost 4x as much, for an almost equal amount. Having had both in my possession, the smart money would be spent in Hell ;)

A few photos for you to oggle!

First swipe:

Finished applying to whole car:


I'll update with the obligatory beading shots as soon as I can, dinner interrupted play ;)

CodHead 06-01-2013 09:29 PM


Originally Posted by nick.s
Imagine the whisky, soaked into a rich fruit cake. DELICIOUS!

Christmas pudding? Great review, wish I'd bought a pot of this as well as the Abyss!

nick.s 06-01-2013 09:33 PM


Originally Posted by CodHead (Post 3890487)
Christmas pudding? Great review, wish I'd bought a pot of this as well as the Abyss!

Pretty much :D If you've got the cash spare, definitely consider it, you'll love it :)

CodHead 06-01-2013 10:32 PM

I'll have to try the Abyss out first (when I finally get my order)before buying anymore products otherwise the Mrs will kill me!

nick.s 09-01-2013 02:34 PM

OK people, some beading shots as promised :)

Obsession on the left, Chasm on the right:

Beading on the early morning haze:

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