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Originally Posted by PJS View Post
Yep, made exclusively for The Polishing Company or as a limited release to specific resellers.
Might be some tie in with the chap also doing something for charity in the ebay link as well.
Nope, all wrong

It's a wax we make for Richard at Crystal Clean as an exclusive wax for him. He's been a Dodo reseller since the early days and we developed this as a little 'one off' last year when we had a bit of time in the lab.

It's a recipe heavy in montan wax, the dark wax we use a much smaller amount of in Blue Velvet and Purple Haze. The recipe is similar in other ways to the top end stuff we do, like Supernatural, but it is a completely different recipe so no performance comparisons or claims can be easily made unless it gets tested vs other products.

So Dodo wax? Yes and no. Yes, we physically make it and we developed the recipe. No we don't sell it, we just supply it. It's a Crystal Clean product.
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