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Hello and help...


Been a long time lurker on here so thought I would finally start posting.

Let me start by saying what a terrible forum / community not sure where you lot get off by getting the likes of me spending more time and money then I ever imagined on cleaning

On a serious note thanks for all the great reading and advice.

I started around 6 months ago and I'm slowly building up the garage and stock, usually do one car a weekend for friends or family.

So far I have -

Nilfisk 130
Das6 pro
Scholl s20 / sonax pf
Various pads
Done dusted detailer spray
Meg's gold / bilt hamber shampoo
Bilt hamber clay bars
Zymol glasur / Autoglym Ultra HD Wax
Autoglym kit
Professor plush towel
Ez wheel brush
Auto finese cockpit

My current car is a Polo GTI -

Will look forward to more posting now ...

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