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Auto Glym does work, but you need to give it time. Autosmart Tardis is the classic trade tar remover, it's very powerful but it will dissolve the pigment out of black trim and leave them permanently marked.

For whatever reason I don't tend to find myself needing to remove much tar, I'm still working through a bottle of Auto Finesse ObliTARate I bought a while back. I tend to use it by spraying onto a cotton make up pad (which you can pick up for a couple of quid for a hundred or more, very handy thing to have to hand) and holding it onto the tar spot. Much more economical with product than soaking a whole panel with it, and better for the environment too. But ultimately any tar remover aggressive enough to remove tar quickly will also be dangerous for trims.

If I needed some more right now I'd probably pick up some of the CarChem product.
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