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Length of time to wait after bumper respray to polish and apply opticoat


I managed somehow in trying to park my car too quickly to scrape the front lower end of my bumper and the rear end bumper ended having some light scratches too. The rear ones can't be seen due to the colour a light bronze car and the front ones can't be seen either but only if one pokes his nose down.

However, that's really annoying me as its only one month old and want to get it fixed before I ask a friend to polish it and have opticoat applied.

I have read that I need to wait for the paint to cure as will be having both bumpers removed, scrapes filled and resprayed completely to avoid any difference in tone to the factory finish.

But the above views were somehow mixed as some claim there is no need to wait for curing or gassing as some call it to occur as car paint are water based nowadays.

Could anyone please tell me how long I need to wait before I can polish the car and have opticoat applied?

Also is there anything that I can do to keep the resprayed area well looked if ever i need to wait before i can polish it and seal it with opticoat.

Cheers guys
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