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PWs: A total mystery!

Granted, I have only read, re-read, and read again. and then started to read the whole lot again! And it's still a mystery!

I need a new PW. I have the very first Karcher K411 and it has served me well for many years. In fact, it has outlived me: my back is knackered and I'm past lifting the thing repeatedly to get all around the car. My first instinct is simply to replace the hose with one that is long enough - however, years ago I accidentally cross-threaded the hose to PW connection. The Karcher still does sterling work, but it's time to replace it.

It seems to me that there is either the Nelfisk40 or 50, or the Kranzel equivalent. Basically, it has to be on wheels, allow upgrades of the hose and lance, and of course the snow foam thingy goes without question. The hose has to be long enough to go all around the car (a Focus) without having to move the PW.

I'd be grateful for advice. Many thanks,
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