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I've got a nilfisk that is a solid unit, its the E140.3-9 X-Tra....its outlasted any other PW I've had, infact once I had to go out after cleaning my car but left the unit on with no water supply attached and for whatever reason, I came back to a garage full of smoke and the unit running, still runs like a dream with no leaks

you can get a good array off additional attachments for it although I focused on getting the 90 degree attachment for arches and a wide angled fan nozzle to cover more area.
I got it from screwfix a good few years back but I've just took a quick look to see if the price was the same (200) but I cant even see the e140 on their site anymore!

Only problem I have with the machine....well, hose... its the awful plastic material that loves to curl itself back up when your not looking and get do as others have suggested and get a longer rubber hose from qwashers on ebay
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