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Detailingworld™ Review - Car Chem Clarity Glass Cleaner and Polish

Posted on behalf of Storm2284

Detailingworld™ Review Carchem Clarity Glass Cleaner & Polish

Another product from our friends over at Carchem, May I say thank you for kindly sending this across for review.

About them:
"Car-Chem Ltd have an extensive range of the highest quality car care products on the market, whether it is for interior freshness or exterior shine, Car-Chem know that attention to detail is of the most importance, here at Car-Chem we will strive to make sure you and your car have our upmost attention with our extensive car treatment product range which will guarantee your car looks back to its show room shine.

Unlike many car care companies we formulate and manufacture everything ourselves, we feel this gives us an advantage over our competitors as we have the facility and machinery to achieve consistency, quality and versatility.
Along with offering top of the range products we also strive to make sure you get the following services."

The Product:

As with Carchem product was very well packaged, both from its trip across the country and in its Carchem livery of clear bottles and simple clear labels.

CarChem Clarity Glass Cleaner and Polish really delivers in terms of ease of use and performance, in almost all cases only a quick wipe over of the windows is required in order to restore a smear-free, crystal clear finish.
CarChem Clarity Glass Cleaner and Polish is formulated to cut through the dirt and grime and delivers the best possible finish. The cutting-edge CarChem formula makes short work of stubborn road film, and delivers a streak-free result every time.

The Method:

Apologies for picture quality, taking photos of glass really is much harder than I had given credit!
Today belongs to my dear little Penelope pugstop, have had her in for some TLC, please bear in mind this is a 20 year old car, and glass does have imperfections not related to how clean the glass is.

I followed the stated instructions and following are a few photos of the dirty glass along with some 50/50 shots. No special methods used so I'm sorry for repetitive photo type,

I have done all the glass in the car, inside and out and proved very easy to use easily removing smudges, smears and the like

Price: £7.99 Available from
A good glass cleaner that does exactly as stated, easy to use and good quality as can be expected from Carchem

Would I buy it again?
I have no reason to say no, although unsure without further testing how much better it is than the standard glass cleaner


Easy and pleasant to use another good all round glass cleaner, I love the bottles, the adjustable spray head and knowing that it's come from a well trusted company, I will be testing this further in different situations to see how much difference there is between this and the normal cleaner.

"Detailingworld™ reviewer has followed the Manufacturers Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test "
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