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Originally Posted by cleancar View Post
looking forward to a lift video coming out of the ground!
I've made a video for you yesterday, and will try to post it soon

Originally Posted by sshooie View Post
Get some trunking up for those unsightly cables...
I plan to do that very soon

Originally Posted by carrera2s View Post
Great thread and garage. Enjoy!
Thanks a lot

Originally Posted by Hede View Post
Ser sku godt ud :-)

Looking great.

Originally Posted by dubb View Post
Top build on the site. Read all pages & now I need to pick my mouth up off the floor!
Haha thanks. I will try to keep updating the build until it's completely finished

Originally Posted by Cy-Zuki View Post
How is the rest of the house coming along? .......................... or are you ignoring that bit? LOL!
Quite well actually and pretty much finished. Will show a couple of photos soon

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