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Originally Posted by Pinky View Post
That is one amazing place ,
How many cars are you cleaning with all the A Glym stuff ?
If that's just the garage how good is the house ?
Thanks I only use it for our 2 cars - currently a Audi S3 Sportback from 2016 and a VW Golf IV GTI from 2000.

The rest of the house is ok

Originally Posted by aka.eric View Post
We may moan about them sometimes..but thankfully in the UK we have good Building Regulations and Building Inspectors...
Installing lintels like that is wrong in any language..
The building regulations in Denmark are far more strict than in the UK. Trust me

The lintel is installed as it should. It is just a basic lintel for the garage door. There are no hinges on the picture, as you wrote. Just a small piece of wood which obviously has been removed, as it was just for temporarily “support”.

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