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Bilt Hamber: Double Speed Wax Hazy On Black Paint?

Double Speed Wax is leaving a cloudy haze on the surface of my paint. It's significantly more noticeable on vertical panels, especially the bonnet. The vehicle was fully prepped using the following products and methods:

1) Pre-Wash (BH Auto Foam)
2) 2BM (G3 Body Prep)
3) Decontamination (CarPro Tar-X, AutoGlym Tar Remover)
4) Rinse
5) Car left for approx. 1 week (advised by BH, to allow paint to recover from solvents)
6) 2BM
7) Clay Bar (Megs Clay, Megs QD)
8) 2BM
9) Polish (Scholl S17+, Scholl S40)
10) 2BM

I applied the Wax thin and evenly. The foam applicator was slightly damp and I left the Wax to cure for approx. 7 minutes. After not having much luck with hazing, I tried again with BH Cleanser Fluid followed by a super thin layer of DSW, left to cure for 2 minutes (as advised by BH due to current ambient). A few days later, the hazing returned.

BH thought the cloudy haze might've been damage on my clear coat from the solvents, but this wasn't the case and to prove it is the Wax, I decided to use it on another black car that's not been in contact with anything other than polish, panel wipe, foam and shampoo. Again, the DSW created a horrible hazy film. I switched the applicator to an MF applicator. This didn't help stop hazing.

Any suggestions?

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