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Originally Posted by Benfr16 View Post
I had a question on here a few weeks ago with my black car and DSW. I described it as a 'greasy' appearance in bright light. It kind of looked like micromarring but you could alter the direction of the apparent defect by swiping over the paint with a microfibre. I don't know if that sounds anything similar to what you are experiencing.

My issue was mainly because the wax had been left in a hot area where it had changed property. There was a greasy looking residue on the top of the wax when I opened it up, but I still gave it a go on one panel (which subsequently was the panel with the notable issue). I stuck it in the fridge because I could tell it wasn't behaving right.

In terms of how to sort it out, I was advised that giving it a good wash and then applying zaino Z6 had helped another user.

The next time I washed my car, the 'defect' was gone.

Have you tried giving the car a good wash?

When I applied DSW to the rest of the car, I literally applied it to a whole panel and almost immediately began to buff off from the side which had been sitting the longest. Seems to have bonded well and haven't noticed any issues there
My pot of Wax appeared to be absolutely normal and is stored in a cool dry garage (original tin). Washing the car didn't help. The cloudy film on the paint does look greasy in direct sunlight. Never used Z6, but I've got a range of similar QD's which remove the cloudy film. However, the 'defect' as you put it, soon returns.

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