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Thanks everyone, you've all been a great help!

There was no mention of it throughout the entire purchase process so was a nice surprise when I spotted it on the order form as removing it (which Audi have agreed to do) will reduce the monthly payment by 11.

I’ve had a good scout online and although the product is deemed ok the general consensus is that it’s often either applied incorrectly (due to the rushed pdi process) or not applied at all! Most of those that have it were given it for free and hardly anyone has anything positive to say about it. Many question the durability and most seem to quote a max of 12 months.

I think we’ll push for free. If that doesn’t work we’ll just leave it. 400 sounds like daylight robbery IMO.

TBH I think we'll walk out without it as the deal has already been done so theres no incentive for Audi to apply it FOC...Not the end of the world.
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