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Nilfisk E130.3-9 help with hose banjo

I've been in contact with Qwashers about making me a 15M replacement hose for my new (used once) Nilfisk E130 to rid me of the dreaded coils...
There isn't much out there for this model apart from a Nilfisk upgrade called a superflex hose.
I'm trying to confirm if the banjo within the hose reel on my washer is either straight or 90 deg?
As I've never taken one apart before I don't wish to damage it. I took a photo of what I found which shows a sleeve? Going to a 90 deg bend, what I'm unsure of is, is the banjo under the straight sleeve? Or is it the 90 degree bend?
The official Nilfisk replacement advert shows a small picture on the box with both connections being straight.
Qwashers need to know in order to make up my order.
Also, as I'm new to this, how would I remove and replace it?
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