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Spoke to Jim at Browns today who sell the Nilfisk upgrade hoses, although his ebay site advertisers this upgrade as suitable for my E130.3-9 X-TRA plus the E140 and P150 it will NOT fit my washer.
This is apparently due to the right hand "special" bend in the hose which I have found in my photo which sits inside the hose reel.
The other models have straight connections and different fitment. This bend sits just before the banjo as in my photo.
Jim in his experience did not think there were any possible options for a longer more supple hose😢

No replies from Qwashers for nearly 2 weeks but I doubt he would be able to replicate the same thing unless I sent him my existing one maybe?
Have also emailed Direct Hoses too so shall cross my fingers.
Looks like I've got a nice washer with a naff short hose unless I remove the hose reel maybe?

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