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An interview with PremierDetail ( our first International Supporter)

Welcome to Our First international Supporter

Can you start by telling us a little about yourself?
My name is Sean Tompkins, I am 22 years old. I live have lived in New York my entire life. I have played Lacrosse and Ice Hockey since age 3. I tried out for a professional lacrosse team and was set to play for them. I tore my shoulder in freshman year of college and had to find a new career.

What else can I tell you about me?
I was a chef all through high school and college.

How did you ‘get into’ detailing?

My father was a huge car guy, and I used to help him wash his cars. He then taught me how to paint cars. I painted my first car at age 13. I spent about 2 years prior to starting Premier as a Metal Fabricator and Painter in a restoration shop. As the painter I detailed all of the cars I painted, and this is where I honed my detailing skills.

How long have you been detailing at ‘this’ level?

I would hate to give a specific length of time because it seems every car I learn something new and step up my level. However it would be 2 and half years now.

How did you learn to machine polish? Trial and error honestly. Loads of trial and error. Everyone who taught me used wool pads, and had never heard of a hologram.

How many cars have you detailed over the years?
I would say about 200 in the last 2 year and half years.

Tell me about your first detail
My first detail still feels like yesterday. It was a Concours prep on a very rare and expensive car. I remember when I was taping up the chrome my hands were shaking. I took paint readings but they were so off the chart from the body work underneath. In the end I was blown away with the finish I achieved, as was the owner. We see his cars 3 times a year now. He is my favorite client.

What do you drive and how often is it detailed?
I just sold my 3000GT VR4 which was cleaned weekly at the least. I know have a Land Rover which kind looks good dirty Just kidding it gets cleaned weekly as well.

What is your favourite car to detail and why?
I am going to have to say a Porsche. Fantastic lines, no complex curves, and they are rather small. I love to drive them as well.

Do you prefer to detail a Supercar or everyday car? Classic cars are my preference. Our main client base is classic cars and hot rods and I love it

What piece of detailing kit do you think every detailer should have in their arsenal? (excluding the obvious stuff like wash mitts etc.) Well there are a few but my choice would be a full polishing line. I think a lot of people try and get buy with only 2 or 3 polishes and 2 a few pads. I believe you need a full line of pads at the very least. Its amazing how much of a difference pad can make with the same polish.

What are your current favourite brands and why?
RaceGlaze and Menzerna, because they work well. RaceGlaze has impressed me since day 1 and "42" is my go to wax for every car I detail. The rest of line up is very impressive as well. I find Menzerna polishes are really all that we have here in the states with a full line up of quality polishes. I still use Meguiar's but do not believe that they they offer a complete line.

What do you do when you’re not detailing?
I am still actively playing lacrosse, and training. There is still a large debate in my mind daily about whether to take another try at the pro ranks. Aside from that I hang out with my girlfriend, and play Golf.

A few quick fire questions
Ferrari or Lambo ? Lambo
Wax or Sealent ? Wax
Fish and chips or bangers and mash ? Neither I am a yank
McDonald's or Burger King? Burger King
Coffee or Tea? Tea
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