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If you're up for a wee bit of a project you could make something really cracking:

Annovi Reverberi 11 litres / min @ 110 bar pump and motor - 200 EDIT: The price excludes VAT and carriage at 22 so isn't quite as much of a bargain as it first appeared....sorry if I got anyone's hopes up!

20m rubber hose - 45

A gun, lance and nozzle setup of your choice - lots to choose from - say, 60

Rubber mains cable and plug - 22

Platform trolley - 20

Some suitable anti-vibration mountings for the pump and motor - 20 (not sure what size the mounting threads on the AR unit are, guessing M8/M10?)

IP66 junction box - 5

By my maths that comes to 372, the balance being for a suitable piece of plywood to mount the motor / pump and junction box to (with the anti-vibe mountings), whatever hardware is needed to attach that plywood to the platform trolley, and any adaptors needed to get the hose to attach to the gun

Easy to move, loads of performance, loads of hose, whatever gun and lance setup you want, plus a nice little project to build it all up.

(I completely understand that this is not everyone's cup of tea if you're looking for an out of the box solution, but the performance would be superb and being an AR pump and motor, you will be able to get spare parts, service etc so it should last you a long while).

Or just get the right adaptors etc to put a proper hose on the Karcher you've got - you mentioned it's cross threaded but with sufficient care it ought to be possible to get something to fit to give you a "new" outlet that a longer hose can be attached to.

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