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Evening guys, the Treasure hunt competition has now officially closed.

I'd like to thank every member that got involved with the competition and gave it a go, i know it was a little unconventional but i hope you learnt a little more about the company and had a good look around the website.

So i'm sure your keen to find out if you won, we will be announcing the winners tomorrow, for now i'll just share the correct answers:-

Q1: - Why was the brand Alien Magic started Started as a hobby
Q2: - What is the official demo car of Alien Magic Merc ML 63 AMG
Q3: - What Month and Year was the company founded April 2016
Q4: - Where are Alien Magic products manufactured In the UK
Q5: - How many Stockists do we currently have in England 2
Q6: - What is our Trade Discount 15%
Q7: - Which of our tyre products produces a satin finish Tyre Pro
Q8: - How many medium sized cars can a 200ml tub of our soft wax cover in a single layer 40
Q9: - How many weeks protection does Aqua provide in concentrated form 12 weeks
Q10: - Our PRO range is designed with three things in mind long lasting protection, highest quality finish possible & low product consumption
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