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1 Step Compound?

In the past I have gone for a 2 stage polishing process, using a heavy cutting compound first and then refining it with a polish.

But now I have noticed there are compounds out there which do the compounding and polishing to a high gloss in one step. Products like Scholl S20 Black, Sonax EX04/06.

I need some advice on which one to go for. It needs to have good cut as I will be using it with hard paints.

Based on this, I dont think either Scholl S20 or Sonax 04/06 have enough cut.

I am looking at Menzerna Heavy cut compound 400. This looks ideal as it has a cut of 8/10 and also gloss of 8/10.

Question is, will the Menz leave the paintwork ready for LSP?

Menz reccomend to use the Final/Super Finish after the Heavy Cut Compound 400. These have a a gloss of 10/10.

Will I really notice the additional 2/10 gloss of the Final/Super Finish polishes?
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