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Struggling to find the perfect foam mix

Hello all,

I was recently given the gift of a Karcher FJ6 foam attachment and a 5l bottle of BH Autofoam. It goes without saying that this made me happy but I'm struggling to get a creamy foam that sticks to the car and doesn't run off after 60 seconds.

So far I've tried various combinations of the following with little success:

- the recommended BH dilution
- a weaker foam dilution
- a stronger foam dilution
- adding in a bit of Meguiars gold class shampoo
- hot and cold water in the foam bottle
- hot and cold water through the pressure washer
- all manner of twiddling the knob on to of the attachent

I live in south Wales and we have good soft water here so I doubt that could be flattening the mixture.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Next time I'm able I'll grab a photo of what my foam looks like currently.


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