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Moving on, now at Nov 2013 I started stripping the car down for the initial rust inspection. I started at the rear as I suspected it might be worse than the front (ha ha, wrong again as you will see later). On initial inspection my heart sank quite dramatically. I was presented with massive areas of the underside encrusted in rust bubbles, some visible holes and lots of blistering around the seams. For some strange reason I thought the amount of welding on this job was going to be minimal, but I was definitely proved wrong here! Being entirely new to welding (I bought my first MIG especially for this job) the reality of what I was getting myself in to almost put me off at this point, but thankfully I continued. Anyway, here are some pics of the rear underside and the beginning of the stripping of the car.
These pictures do not show the full extent of the corrosion - that was revealed after attacking everything with the knotted wheel...

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