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Originally Posted by empsburna View Post
Looks good.

I reckon you will sell the CLS.

That's just crazy talk. The CLS has similarities to the E but is in another league speed and looks wise. I wouldn't part with it.

Originally Posted by Kiashuma View Post
Looks nice, don't these normally rot for fun? Yours looks to be a well looked after car indeed.

Yeah they're meant to rust but this one seems to be rust free. The very inside lip of the arches has what could be the beginnings of rust so I'll treat them before they look like rust.

Thing is I think this car may have been garaged and pampered. Mileage isn't overly high, averaged 8k a year. Interior hasn't had a hard life either.

Oddly the only bit of wear is round the keyhole on the glove box. Only shows when it's lit up with the rest of the dash. May try painting it.
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