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Originally Posted by Willsy309 View Post
Morning Ben,
Do other folk find this with other manufacturers?

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Yes it does - had an ECU failure on my partners Fiat Panda 5 years ago - dealership ordered one based on the VIN plate, wrong one sent (completely different electrical connector, 24 pin versus 32 pin from recollection but could have the numbers wrong) - second one sent sorted the issue. Had wexactly the same problem on an ABS recall on that car too - wrong abs module sent initially. I started to think the car had been a parts bin special, but other than the ecu failure it was an absolutely faultless car in the 6 years we had it

Online parts places also get things wrong, even down to service items like oil filters where oem part numbers are not what the dealers/oem parts listings say. Probably fit, but thats not quite the point.
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