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product for single stage

Im going to do a whirlwind detail on my mothers car this weekend as she doesn't really look after it.

Its a skoda Octavia so not sure on paint hardness etc.

Shes coming up for a visit for the day so I don't want to spend all day doing it.

Ive got a DA and some hex logic pads (orange/green/white/yellow and black)

Was thinking of a quick paint cleaner, maybe a clay as the paint will be like sandpaper and then an AIO

Ive SRP and AF triple. Should I use a polish pad say a white, for these or something with more cut? Is the product the right choice? or should I go paint cleaner then a glaze with a sealent or wax on top? (ive got loads of those). Im not going to do a full correction. It will be sunny and ive got no shade.

It wont get washed properly for a long while, but will get the local handwash treatment every couple of weeks.

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