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Returning to the detailing world (ex newbie)

I am returning to the detailing world with my current car below:

Had various company cars and cars I wasn't too bothered about for the last 8 years. This my a F30 330D I picked up just over 12 months ago and its not got a few lights scratches and swirl marks. I used to regularly was/polish my other golfs, type r's etc before family grew but now want to get back into keeping her clean. I still have my porter cable, stocked up with some products and bought a couple of new buckets.

I have been looking around for polish recommendations and its a minefiled of brands, abrasiveness and what to use on my type of paint/clear coat

What would people suggest for me to use after washing and claying to take out the light marks before I finish with SXP? I will need new pads as I could build houses with my previous ones


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