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Marring on Mercedes

A few years ago I bought a DASPRO6 and a beginners Menzerna/Sonus detailing kit. I am far from expert, but I have had reasonable success on the cars I have owned, up until now!

I have bought a 2002 Mercedes with black metallic paint. I used a 3M pad with FG400 and it did a really good job of removing swirls. I then used Bilt Hamber wax and it all looked really good. However, I did the work in my garage, when I took it out into the bright sunlight I saw that I had a lot of marring/hazing. I have never had this before??? I tried softer pads and milder cut but I cannot fully get rid of the marring??

So could someone please suggest the best pad/cutting options and I will order and start afresh as I am paranoid I have dirty pads/old polish/old microfibre etc. I think I just got too complacent.
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