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The next day, I had a better look around the bodywork, noticing some other minor issues, door shuts not very tidy for paint, a few chips, some swirling and scrapes on the roof, lots of small but annoying minor dents/bumps but overall pretty good.

Wheel refurb not perfect but will last a few years or until I decide to get them done better.

On moving the rear number plate noticed the bodyshop have not even bothered to polish behind it - that needs sorted - ordered a large rear plate as the small one will look awful until fixed- 8!

Ordered some Lexus touch-up paint - 10 delivered from Lexus

Bought LOADS of new products for the car - Collinite 476S, Poorboys Black Hole glaze, 303 Aerospace, cloths, microfibres, applicator pads, AS Tardis, an EZ wheel brush, Sonar Detailer (5L), iron/fallout remover, wash mitts, a new Nilfisk C110 pressure washer and a foam bottle/adaptor - it's like detailing Christmas time!!! Need to sort the garage as its a heap. Managed to get 15% off at Halfords (have a discount card for there from the Lexus Owners Club) - Meguairs Leather Conditioner (less than 7) and various other bits and bobs - that club membership has saved me a fortune so far!

Visited one of my local detailers and they are going to do a stage 1 machine polish full detail and work on the paintwork and scruffy bits for me (I have not yet dabbled in machine polishing yet). Booked in from Tuesday 9th August until Friday 12th August. All in, 250.

Also visited my local body shop - to fix the arch liners (the dealers bodyshop bolted them outside the bumper edge!), a missing bumper clip and to realign the front wing - 180 all in. Visited a different (better) bodyshop the next day - 56 + VAT - sorted - being done early September.

Lexus Owners Club member also came to my rescue and sent me (after checking the codes on the Lexus upgrade site) a 2016 Sat Nav DVD, which worked perfectly after I reset the ECU (disconnecting battery etc). Lexus cost = 130, owners club - zilch!

Also did the reset sequence and got my auto windows working again, and the electric memory seats working again too - after some searching online - they get reset when the car gets an ECU reset.

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