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Right then not much to update haha been busy getting things ready for a trip to the isle of wight on monday so not had much time to do the car but had a good day on it today to sort a couple bits out

First of all i fitted a sunstrip as i like them

Next i had to do a little bit of rust repair, when i fitted the rear silencer i noticed the rear of the car was very crusty and the left exhaust hanger was very loose feeling, well a few days ago the hanger snapped off leaving the exhaust to dangle and hit against the center of the car haha not ideal

So here it was before

So i scraped all of the flaky old paint off and got in there with a few wire brushes and sand paper which left me with this

Then i coated it all in rust converter

I then welded a plate on and the exhaust hanger back on but my welder had run out of gas and the welds were just coming out like absolute pigeon excrement so excuse the state of the welding, ill probably end up cutting it back off and doing it properly when ive got some gas [emoji23]

And exhaust back on in the right position

So thats all for today haha fingers crossed it makes it to the isle of wight [emoji23]

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