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Originally Posted by James_G View Post
Great stuff, the interior colour works really well with the exterior and it looks like you live in a part of the UK where you can enjoy it.

Like others I prefer the M3 to the M4 although what's odd is that the previous generation M3 wasn't as strong a seller as a saloon compared to the coupe and I can't quite understand why. As a result prices still seem really firm for those compared to both their coupe counterparts and other similar cars on the market (C63 for example).
the main reason i took the m3 over an m4 was the rear arches, i think most would agree.

they look huge on the m3 due to the proximity of the door, but not so pronounced on the m4

sort of shows it here, i chose same colour as mine for fairness ha
Untitled by Jason, on Flickr

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