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New diamond cut alloy protection

Hi all. Looking to collect my new MK7.5 VW Golf GTI in the next couple of weeks and I've ordered it with the optional 19" Brescia alloys wheels which are gloss black with diamond cut faces (I know )

To keep them looking as good as possible when I do the car detail after collection, I'd like to seal and protect the wheels, and was wondering what people suggested ? To be honest, it needs to be pretty price effective as after paying for the car I won't have a lot of money anymore

It needs to be fairly easy and quick to apply and most importantly to be able to be seen (where I've been). I say that as used a sealant some years ago (sorry can't remember it's name) and it went on like water and TBH I couldn't' really see what areas of the wheels I'd covered and which parts I hadn't.

Also, as I don't have a garage to detail the car in, it needs to be a product that's pretty much wipe on wipe off (in case it rains later in the day). I've seen some products that either need infrared lights to cure them or needs 12-24 hours "curing" before getting them wet, and I'm not sure I can guarantee this ?

Thanks in advance.

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