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In a nutshell yes it sounds like what your looking for. Now let me say what is my belief. There's coatings that can last a year, and coatings that claim 9 years with a guarantee if applied by an accredited detailer. But, to achieve that guarantee, yearly inspections are made by the detailer. say if you had a bit of hedgerow rash on your wing for instance, the detailer would polish it and reapply the coating, or for example 2 years into it, the bottom half of the car was starting to fail, the detailer would reapply the coating. And this yearly inspection could cost you hundreds. And if you don't have these yearly inspections, your guarantee is void. Now I'm happy to be corrected on this, and there's top people on here from various companies that can do that. So the initial outlay of having the coating applied, depending on the condition of your paint and size of vehicle, could be around 700-1200, ballpark figure, can be alot more. Add the yearly cost on top aswell. Just something to think about. And yes I would absolutely have a coating professionally applied to my car if I was in a position to do so, please don't take my belief as hating on them
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