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Round 2 - Interior Deep Clean

Iím going to apologise in advance for the pony pictures, the sun was a pain all day but at least it was dry [emoji23] I was also concerned the weather could turn so tried to crack on.

Monday, after recent crap weather in the North East I finally got a break to get cracking on Bettyís interior.

Work commenced at 10:30 and I was done by 5, so a full day at it and I still didnít quite get it complete!

Out came the tools and I started removing the seats, front and rears came out a doddle.

4 T45 bolts through the floor and one on the side of the seat frame to unbolt the seatbelt. Tilt the seat back and remove the electrical connector then theyíre out [emoji1320]

The trusty Henry came out to tackle the initial vacuum, considering the interior had never been out based off the original thread lock on various bolts it wasnít too bad.

And after a thorough vacuum

I tackled the plastics, door cards, trims and centre console next with Autoglanz Infinite and a selection of various brushes to agitate and remove years of grime.

After these had been wiped clean I move onto the wet work for the interior carpets, with power tools [emoji23]

Again Autoglanz Infinite was used here as the detergent to rid the carpets of stains and ingrained dirt, worked with the Makita drill then extracted with George. Looking much better

I then tackled the seats while they were out of the car with Gliptone Intensive leather cleaner. Worked into the seats, agitated with a nail brush and Sonax upholstery brush then wiped away with a damp Microfibre. Iím not happy with these after the initial clean, itís removed the majority of the dirt and shine but I think they have more to give so Iíll be doing them again.

Total time spent so far - 8 hours

Better pictures next time...... thatís a promise!

More to come


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