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Newbie with some questions

I had my first attempt at machine polishing a car on the weekend. It was a faded red Corsa and I am a total newbie so be patient with me

1. I used a borrowed Moss Polisher (quick google suggests this is a random orbital). I noticed that it was quite difficult to keep in control of it at speed 2 and 3. Is it normally that hard work and difficult to control? Do I need to apply more pressure? It sometimes started vibrating too. Was that due to lack of lubrication?

2. I used G3 compound with a yellow pad. Am I supposed use two pads: One for polishing the car with the compound and one for removing the compound? I have another white feathery type pad which was very soft which is what I used to remove the polish.

3. What sort of sealant do I need to use after the polishing? Any recommendations?

I have added some pics below. I am planning on having a go my Audi but I want to use a very light polish to remove the swirl marks. Can anybody recommend me a light polish plus some pads for that? I heard the scholl s20 is a good choice which does the polishing and sealing in one? A kit would be good would be even better
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