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I don't believe in garage queens. Cars are meant to be driven in my view.

So long as they are well maintained and the oil changed frequently, there is little reason not to use them.

Panamera - long distance driver - 12-15k a year.
Alfa 156 GTA - mix of long distance and weekend toy - 7.5k a year.
Jaguar XJR - historically 7-10k a year - UK motorway cruising. (Now SORN waiting to offer engine and gearbox to my E Type.)
FFRR - workhorse - 15-20k a year - trips to Italy, moving stuff to/from storage, hauling son around country etc etc.
Alfa Spider - largely neighbourhood driver in summer - 3k a year

My wife OTH has put only 11k miles on her SLK in ten years, of which 2.5k is mine driving back and forth from Italy a couple of times.

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